When good enough doesn’t feel good enough

Some people struggle with feeling good enough because they don’t believe “good” is good enough.

They believe they need to be exceptional somehow.

I had this conversation with a client this morning. For people who are more competitive and for whom achieved was emphasized, “good enough” can feel like settling.

What I explained to my client is that for folks with ADHD, our default setting tends to be anxiety.

One way we try to calm it by seeking opportunities to feel good about ourselves through goal attainment.

But that feeling is short lived and the anxiety returns.

Now let’s say the belief you’re “good enough” replaced anxiety as your default setting. How would that change the way you approach life?

To feel worthwhile without being in a perpetual chase for reward and validation. Being good enough isn’t something you need to earn. It’s something you need to realize.

The best part is you can still engage in opportunities to shine using your unique gifts.

That’s when your greatness shows.

So you get to live a life feeling and believing you’re good enough while experiencing moments of greatness.

What a beautiful balance.

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