What’s a POWER Hour!

What's a power hour?

A POWER HOUR is an opportunity to focus on a single problem, get to the bottom of it and create strategies to either eliminating it or managing it so well you remain in charge – what do you think?

During our POWER HOUR we will take a look at your present situation to create:

A plan that identifies the reason for the issue you’re struggling with (it’s more than a diagnosis) and a plan for moving forward feeling more confident, stronger and more hopeful.

Topics you can use our hour to resolve include:

  • Managing your anxiety or depression
  • Learning to focus on 1 thing when you’ve started 20
  • Overcoming the shame and guilt you’ve gathered through years of negative feedback
  • Learn how your Neurodivergence impacts your relationships and what you can do to improve your skills
  • Handling rejection better and not taking things personally
  • Emotional regulation (so feeling is more like surfing than drowning)
  • Increasing your self-awareness (its hard to be responsible and less impulsive when you can’t/won’t look at yourself)
  • Setting boundaries you can stick to
  • How to strike a balance between doing too much and too little for your child
  • Discovering the beliefs you learned that keep you living in fear and self-doubt

What the hour will look like:

10 mins – Getting to know you

40 mins – Brainstorming and strategizing

10 mins – Summarize and outline next steps 



After our session I’ll provide you with materials to help you implement the strategies we discussed.

  • I’ll send you the recording and transcript of our session within 24 hours
  • I’ll also create a customized Action Plan that will provide you with what to do, how to do it and why to do.

All this for $200

Let’s do this!

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