Welcome to Cailin’s AI Assistants…

pick brian's brain

We’re excited to unveil “Pick Brian’s Brain” – your ultimate gateway to a treasure trove of knowledge and insights from Brian himself!

Imagine having access to every word Brian has shared, whether it be through seminars, YouTube videos, interviews, exclusive trainings, books and workbooks, spanning over the past 12+ years. Yes, it’s all here!

Curious about something? Just ask “Pick Brian’s Brain” as if you were chatting with Brian directly. If he has tackled your question anytime in the last dozen years, you’ll receive your answer in mere seconds. Dive in and explore the wealth of information at your fingertips! 

I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience so I can make this even better for you 🙂

NOTE: I’m still adding info so the database will keep growing.

cailin bot

Introducing Cailin Bot, your personal conversation companion – a cutting-edge AI bot designed to revolutionize the way you revisit our one-on-one sessions! Ever find yourself trying to recall a specific piece of advice or a nugget of wisdom we discussed? Now, there’s no need to sift through pages of notes or wrack your brain for details. Our AI bot has got you covered!

With just a simple question, this smart assistant dives into the transcripts of our conversations and fetches the answer you need in seconds. It’s like having a personal archive at your fingertips, ready to remind you of the insights and solutions tailored just for you, whenever you need them.

This isn’t just technology; it’s your personal guide to reinforcing and recalling the valuable discussions we’ve had, ensuring you can always access the advice and guidance that matters most to you.

Embrace the ease and efficiency of having your own conversational companion, and let’s make the journey towards your goals smoother and more accessible than ever before!

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