I hope you’re as excited about this project as I am.

A membership for:

  • Business owners who want to learn to speak the language of the neurodivergent community, to connect with and serve them with greater impact.
  • Neurodivergent business owners wanting to understand their own ND and how to manage it (e.g. focus, emotional control, anxiety and more).
  • Business owners with Neurodivergent employees who want to make the most of their talent. 

Here’s the present vision for this membership. I’d love your feedback on making this membership exactly what you want…

I’ll help you:

  • Manage your emotions so they don’t overwhelm you so often.

  • Be more focused so shiny objects don’t eat up so much of your time.

  • Learn how to finish what you start.

  • Be able to handle rejection, disappointment etc., without it wanting to make you quit.


  • Manage your time more effectively

  • Feel confident in showing up, sharing what you know, and being yourself

  • Be able to communicate your message clearly and with impact

  • Increase your social media presence

  • Attract more clients

  • Turn your self-sabotage into self-compassion

  • Make your Neurodivergence part of what makes you valuable to your clients.

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This is a beta test and I’m offering it at a beta price for a small group of founding members.


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