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EP 64 - You must unlearn what you have learned with Nick Elkins

The comparison game is a guaranteed saboteur when it comes to personal and business growth. Join Brian and his guest Nick Elkins (Financial Coach) as they share tips for upping your inner game so you forget about keeping up with the Joneses and get back to making a difference in the world. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 63 - When I became afraid to breathe

When I learned my breathing was being affected by MS, it's like every breath became a reminder of my illness. The subsequent anxiety made matters worse. Then it occurred to me how my meditation practice could become the very thing to solve this problem for me. Listen as I explore this. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 62 - A realization about gratitude

Whether you're pissed, panicked, inspired or feeling loved, gratitude for what is happening can work its way into the experience. It provides us with a marvelous opportunity as you will hear in this episode. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 61 - This describes you perfectly

If one word could describe you and your purpose in this world what would it be? Not sure? I have a suggestion for you - listen and tell me what you think. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 60 - I'm going to prove you wrong

Trying to prove others wrong can be a strong motivation. It can also lead you into the habit of doing things just to prove others wrong at the expense of doing things because you truly want the result. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 59 - The greatest weapon against stress

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James You don't lose this capacity simply because you have chronic pain, depression or anything else. Listen as I explore this more deeply. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 58 - When you believe this you are doing your clients a disservice

If people don't need your help you're out of business. Why then do you consider it a sign of weakness when you need to ask for help? Listen as I dive deeper into this. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 57 - You need to be portable to be profitable

For #spooniepreneurs it's important for you to be able to run your business on your phone as well as you could through your desktop or laptop. Then you can be just as productive from bed, a doctors office or wherever your self-care needs may take you. Listen for a few tips on becoming more portable. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 56 - Why are some habits so hard to break?

You know what you're bad habits are, identifying them is easy. If you don't want to do them anymore why are they so hard to change? This was a question posed by a Facebook friend and in this episode, I provide an answer and a solution. Enjoy. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 55 - It’s not because you deserve it

Success doesn't elude you because you don't deserve it. There's a lot more to it. Like the one factor that is often the most underutilized and most capable of turning things around. Listen as I explain. Want a transcript of this and future episodes? Simply subscribe for FREE at Read Full Show Notes →

EP 54 - Law of attraction is not enough

The LOA has a passionate following but it may not be the best approach for you to reach your goals. It sure isn't for me. Listen as I explain an alternative and powerful approach that has done the trick for me. Want a transcript for this episode? Subscribe at Read Full Show Notes →

EP 53 - A reason change is scary for you

What is it about change that people fear it so? Listen as I examine this age old predicament and offer both an answer and a solution. I'd love to get to know you. Schedule a time for us talk here Read Full Show Notes →

EP 52 - I don’t want to be known for this

It's hard enough to ask for help sometimes. It's even more difficult when you absolutely need it and feel guilty about it. I experienced this yesterday and have worked since to reconcile that guilt because I don't want to live from that place. Fortunately, I found a way to transform that guilt into appreciation. Listen as I share the lesson with you. I'd love to get to know you better, schedule a quick with me here Read Full Show Notes →

EP 51 - I started left but the opposite was right

I was struggling with the simplest of tasks this morning and there was no technology on hand to solve my problem. Wouldn't you know it, the solution was right there in front of me the whole time. Listen as I share it with you. I'd love to get to know you, please schedule a time for us to talk Read Full Show Notes →

EP 50 - What qualifies you to be a coach?

Hint, it isn't the certifications. I don't think certifications matter, here's what does . . . Schedule a FREE 15 min call with Brian Read Full Show Notes →

EP 49 - Time for you to kill the guru

Be wary of the time tested, proven, all purpose, one sized fits all solution. Sometimes it just doesn't feel right. What then? Schedule a FREE 15 min call with Brian Read Full Show Notes →

EP 48 - What your suffering wants to teach you

I didn't even know I was still bothered by that, I thought I was over it. But now that it's surfaced how do I make use of it? Read Full Show Notes →

EP 47 - You are disabled whether you realize it or not

Read Full Show Notes →

EP 46 - Ending violence in your life

Wherever you see violence in this world, remember that it has the same source. It's at that source you have the power to create change. If you can change it there you have the power to change the world around you. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 45 - Defeating loneliness

Having one person in your life who “gets it” is more powerful that having 100 who don’t. Living fully doesn’t require you to be able to do everything you want. It lies in living this moment fully in gratitude. Listen as I share more. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 44 - The Opposite of Collecting

My youngest son Connor asked whether I even had a collection growing up. My answer for him was straightforward. Yet it opened up a deeper conversation in my mind about the price we pay for holding on to things and the opportunities we have by letting go. Listen and share. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 43 - STOP saying you don’t have the time!

Crazy busy! Overwhelmed! Overscheduled! These are realities of those who have over complicated life. Watch as I explain an approach to simplification allowing you to live a life of purpose and contribution while still having plenty of time. NOTE: Originally shared on Facebook Read Full Show Notes →

EP 42 - I'll change when you change

Do you remember when you were young, and an adult intervened when you were having an argument with a peer? Invariably one of you would declare, "I'll stop when he stops." As though you were incapable of changing the course of your behavior unless someone else took the lead. Now flash forward, imagine you still do this as an adult and trust me you do. It's holding you back in ways you don't realize. Please listen this to discover how this little habit sabotages you in a big way and what you can do about it. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 41 - Did you know hope disempowers you?

Hope can be a source of encouragement when you're faced with adversity. It can also be disempowering. Watch as I share a mindset shift to help you make sure you know that change is within your hands. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 40: Just the facts ma’am! A tip for reducing the stress of business.

Positive or negative? That's how we're encouraged to view our emotions, our daily tasks and the events of our lives. It's viewing things as "negative" that can hold us back unnecessarily. In this episode I offer an alternative to "negative" that can free up your emotional energy and increase your resourcefulness significantly. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 39: How to be a blessing for others with Tucker Beardon

Today's guest is a 25 yr old Theoretical Physicist living with Asperger's AND a passion for sharing his message of using your challenges to inspire others. You're going to love his energy and wisdom. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 38 - ADHD & Quitting: A reason you may not be aware of that sabotages you more often than you realize

It is common for people with ADHD to not finish what they start, to work on multiple projects while making limited progress, or to get bored quickly and simply quit. This is frustrating for the person with ADHD and the people around them. So what can you do? There's a reason for this behavior that in my experience is unknown to those who don't live with ADHD. So I'm going to share it with you and offer ideas for overcoming it. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 37: Balancing your personal growth with people who want to stay the same

You're on a journey of personal improvement but members of your family don't support you and may even try to sabotage you. How do you set boundaries so you can keep them in your life without their negativity getting to you? A transformational discussion with Jane Stewart "The Confidence Queen" Read Full Show Notes →

EP 36: It isn’t whether you fall into a business hole it’s how you get back out.

You can feel trapped and alone as an entrepreneur. Now add a chronic condition to the mix and you can feel even more lonely. Here’s how you can avoid that feeling. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 35: I don’t know what to do so I end up not doing anything!

Running a business with a chronic illness will require you to break the rules on how it's supposed to be done. Listen and learn. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 34: When adversity strikes, do you shut down or knuckle down?

How often do things go other than planned? When they do, is your tendency to get caught up in what isn't working OR keeping your focus on what needs to be working? Listen as I describe a simple mindset shift that can take you out of the tendency to go negative and get back to taking action. Want the transcript to this episode, click here Read Full Show Notes →

EP 33: You shouldn't have a right to be happy, angry or sad! But please claim your right to this!

In declaring a "right" to your feelings you unknowingly declare ownership of a kind that makes it difficult to let go and move forward. In this episode I share how you can have your feelings without them having you. Then you can move through them into happier times. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 32 - Is your TV holding you back in life?

Bigger screen, higher definition, better sound. An Amazing consumption device you got there, but how's your life doing? I suspect there's a correlation between your life satisfaction and your TV viewing habits. Listen as I explain how to move away from the screen and engage your life more fully so you can build upon your dreams and create a life you don't want to escape from. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 31 - Who owns you?

Have you ever belonged to a group that tries to tell you what you can and can't do in order to continue being a member, or to fit in? What price do you pay for being a member of that group? How does it hold back your growth? Listen as I explore this important topic and how setting boundaries with the group can help set you free to be more of yourself. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 30 - TRIGGER WARNINGs and the beauty of them.

I had a wonderful conversation with a colleague this morning who shared how he became pissed at me after a watching a few of my videos only to discover that what I shared challenged a few long held beliefs that were holding him back. Listen as I explain how to go from being triggered to taking charge. Want the typed transcript of this broadcast Read Full Show Notes →

EP 29 - Who taught you confrontation was bad?

A common childhood experience is feeling the repercussions of having a mind of your own and daring to share it with your parent(s) during more heated exchanges. An unfortunate takeaway from those moments can be that speaking up is dangerous. Not a helpful lesson if your goal is to grow a business or be an effective parent yourself. Being able to confidently speak up and share your message with the world is essential. What can you do to get past this long held belief so your voice can be heard and you can make a difference in this world. Listen as I explain how. Want a transcript of this episode? Click here to learn how to get it Read Full Show Notes →

EP 28 - Old habits die hard so give yourself a break

It's common to beat yourself up when you fall off the horse while trying to change an old habit. It's common but not useful. Watch as I explain how to accept those moments as opportunities to recommit to your goal and keep moving forward. Would you like a typed transcript of this episode? Click here to get it Read Full Show Notes →

EP 27 - Facing your fears

The fears that can hold us back the most are the hidden ones. Here's a simple way to find them and turn them into something more useful. Would you like a typed transcript of this episode? Click here to get it Read Full Show Notes →

EP 26 - I am not my mental illness, I'm so much more

Living with a diagnosis, any diagnosis, can feel like you're trapped in a diagnostic straight jacket you can't escape from. To a large degree, your relationship to your diagnosis is the gremlin that makes moving forward and living fully seem out of reach. But there's a mindset that blows open the door to growth beyond your diagnosis. Listen as I explain this mindset to you. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 25 - My issue with the era of "being offended."

If you find yourself "triggered" by a story, a comment, a video or something as mundane as a Facebook post, what do you do? Do you become offended and chastise the source of said offense (something that just happened to me. Or do you look within to understand the source of your reaction? Please listen as I explore the trend of being offended that is muddying our public discourse and sabotaging our personal growth. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 24 - The myth of being "ready"

One of the more limiting beliefs we tend to hold onto is the one that says, "I can't do it until I'm 'ready." Watch as I explore the reason this belief is such a problem including: 1. Proactive vs reactive readiness 2. The role your definition of success plays in readiness 3. Whether perfectionism or fear play a role in your belief you need to be ready 4. Whether comparing yourself to others plays a role Read Full Show Notes →

EP 23 - It okay to be judgmental - sometimes

Not every judgment is the sign of a bigoted mind. In fact, we MUST make judgments in order to prevent ourselves from becoming overwhelmed by people who are simply not a good fit for our lives and the direction we're headed. Listen as I explain more. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 22 - Sometimes the most important wins to celebrate aren't yours

It can be a bummer watching others succeed when you feel like you're struggling. However, there's another opportunity. The opportunity to own a part of their success as though it is a light shining on what's possible for you. Listen as I explain more. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 21 - Learning to mind your own business

Each day you burden yourself with the countless opinions your mind generates about what other people are wearing, saying and doing. Imagine the lightness and freedom you'd experience if instead, you learned to mind your own business. Here's how. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 20 - When being busy is at the expense of having a life (for your kids and yourself)

Many parents have a tendency to overschedule their lives with the assumption that the activities they commit to equal growth. What if upon reflection your schedule results in a tunnel vision that costs you important opportunities? Listen as I explore this. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 19 - A strategy for letting go of the anger toward someone who has wronged you

So often your tendency to hold on to stories of past hurts prevents you from seeing the person in front of you. One who has often grown beyond the one who did the hurting. Here's a strategy to help you discover the mindset you need to be present with the opportunity to connect with the person before you now. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 18 - It isn't just about the sex with Kat Trimarco

Sex Coach Kat Trimarco brings her frank talk and bold philosophy about connecting with your deeper self through sexual exploration. Her story of overcoming drug addiction and breaking through the limitations of society's taboo topics is truly inspiring and liberating. Enjoy the journey this episode takes you on. Find Kat at Get your copy of Kat's Book "Self Approved: A Guide to Accepting, Loving and Expressing the Person you Truly are" Read Full Show Notes →

EP 17 - The power of intuitive entrepreneurship with Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is a brilliant coach and beautiful soul. Listen as she and I explore the most powerful barometer for decision making in life and business, your intuition. It's more aligned with who you are than you realize so it's time you learn to leverage it. Find Bri at Buy Bri's Book Read Full Show Notes →

EP 16 - If you want to make progress in life then STOP keeping score

We're taught from an early age to compete against the clock or to the person next to us in order to determine whether what we've done is good enough. For the most part that approach is hogwash. When it comes to the work we do on ourselves, arbitrary benchmarks can provide helpful leverage to keep us moving or as a source of harmful judgment that belittles just how far we've truly come. Listen to this episode as I explore an alternative to scorekeeping that could be more helpful for you. Get your copy of "Mindset" by Carol Dweck Read Full Show Notes →

EP 15 - The power of persistence with Drew Taddia

Believe in yourself even when others don't. If you aren't at the level you need to be find a way make yourself better. Watch and learn from the story of Drew Taddia who pursued a childhood dream only to experience more resistance than he anticipated. He's a shining example of the power of persistence in getting where you want to be in life. Drew's Website: Drew's Podcast: Read Full Show Notes →

EP 14 - Transforming Sexual Abuse into a Better Life Brian Cardoza

Brian Cardoza is a survivor of sexual and physical abuse who has used his experience to become a successful artist and advocate for others who would otherwise live in the shadows. His story is inspirational and one you must hear. Brian's Book - "The Unexpected Victim" Website: Read Full Show Notes →

EP 13 - Success is a step away with James Roberts

James Roberts is a competitive swimmer who didn't let the absence of a leg stand (no pun intended) in the way of him competing against his able bodied peers. Listen to learn more about James, his story and what it took to help him succeed. Follow the links in the comments to find out more about James and his work. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 12 - You don't have to overcome mental or physical illness to be happy

Those of us living with mental or physical health challenges are often fed the message that our aim ought to be to overcome that challenge and anything less is quitting. In this episode I address that assertion and offer a more balanced perception. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 11 - You gotta laugh when parenting with Ellie Hirsch

Ellie and I have a HUGE announcement for you PLUS a lot to share on the role laughter plays in maintaining your sanity during the difficult moments of parenting. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 10 - You never know when you're life is helping someone else

I made a surprise visit to my friend at the private school she started in response to the public school system's failure to meet the needs of her own child. While waiting I struck up a conversation with a woman who was also there. Unbeknownst to me, the simple sharing of the lessons learned from raising my own children would turn her day around. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 9 - Tori Reid the Inner Game of the Entrepreneur

Tori Reid is a gem in the world of content marketing. With her deep desire to help entrepreneurs succeed in service of others, she models an authenticity and compassion that is awe inspiring. I learn from her daily. Join Tori's group here Read Full Show Notes →

EP 8 - When you just can't sleep with Dave Kanyan

Raised by deaf parents in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, Dave Kanyan was isolated from the larger world in many ways. Now, as an adult, Dave shares the story of how his curiosity about the world has led to both a positive attitude and a problem with long term sleep deprivation that challenges him to this day. He's a delightful man with a wonderful story. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 7 - You can overcome anything with Jennifer Harshman

After surviving multiple attempts by her mother to kill her, being raised in a pedophile ring of prolific abusers, Jennifer Harshman has grown into a successful entrepreneur with an unstoppable commitment to honoring her own worth and helping others tell their stories. You will be blown away by her story. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 6 - The Blind Blogger with Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey has a lot to teach as he shares his story of resourcefulness and resilience in the face of blindness. Being a three time author and prolific HTML coder are just a few examples of how Max gets things done. Have a listen and be inspired. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 5 - The Stop Swearing Experiment

About a month or so ago I decided to try an experiment. To see what would happen if I stopped swearing. Here's why I did it and what I learned from it. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 4 - What does service mean to you?

Being of service to one another is our foremost responsibility. How you serve isn't simply a measure of your job skill its an example of your character. Watch this video and let's explore this value together. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 3 - Which voice in your head should you listen to?

If you have a strong inner critic (the voice that tells you how dumb you are, etc), it can really sabotage your ability to tap into the confidence you need to stay motivated and on track when you're trying to get things done. A client of mine recently discovered what he needed to do to make sure the confident voice wins the argument. Listen so you can learn it too. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 2 - Calming the tornado of thoughts in your mind

Being a creative person doesn't obligate you to be swimming in so many thoughts that you don't which to grab and which to ditch. Learning to focus in the storm of your own creative juices is a must if you want to get anything done. In this episode I help you learn how. Read Full Show Notes →

EP 1 - What I HATE about inspiration!

There's a problem with the inundation of inspirational quotes and videos we experience on our social media feeds each day. When they don't lead to inspired action. Listen as I explore ideas on what to do about this. Read Full Show Notes →

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