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Welcome to your personalized digital workbook, where you choose the lessons best for you, right now.
Click on any topic listed in the Table of Contents below and be taken instantly to that lesson, which is in a fillable pdf.
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The lessons in this workbook are fluid and can be revised/updated to better suit your unique situation. The intention is to assist you in achieving your goals step-by-step and in an organized way. 
This book is designed to dip into like a resource guide, it isn’t designed to be completed sequentially.
There may be information that doesn’t seem relevant now, but as you grow, that information will catch your attention.
As I add material to this book, I’ll make a note in the Table of Contents so you’ll know.
The value of having a fluid, editable workbook cannot be overstated. With it, you will be able to:
  • easily track your progress over time
  • adjust your strategies as needed
  • and reflect on your successes and challenges
This will allow you to maintain a clear understanding of where you stand in relation to your goals and what steps you need to take to get there.
Furthermore, a document like this helps you to stay accountable to yourself. By recording your progress and reflecting on your achievements, you are able to see the results of your hard work in a tangible way. This encourages you to persevere and continue pushing towards your goals, building self-discipline and confidence along the way.
Overall, a personalized workbook offers a framework for you to take control of your life and create the future you want. It is a powerful tool that provides structure, accountability, and flexibility in your journey towards success.
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I am...

Trouble with working memory?

Difficulty switching between tasks

Poor attention and focus: Inability to follow directions

Providing written or visual prompts:

Breaking tasks into smaller steps (chunking):

Encouraging repetition and practice

Powerful Steps for Practicing Self-Compassion

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Be Kind to Yourself Practice Mindfulness

Reframe Your Thoughts:

Take Care of Yourself

Seek Support When Needed

Be Kind to Yourself

Practice Mindfulness

Reframe Your Thoughts:

Take Care of Yourself

Seek Support When Needed

All-or-nothing thinking and what to do about it

Examples of all-or-nothing thinking include

Practice mindfulness 

Seek out different perspectives

Challenge automatic thoughts

The BRAVE Process

Building Your Support Community

Introduction to Inertia

What is time-blindness and how does it reinforce inertia?

Why do people with ADHD ignore timers?

Tips for creating a sense of urgency and increase motivation

Tips for helping someone with ADHD transition from one task to another

Simple ways to practice mindfulness in everyday life

How to learn to “like” yourself