This guy….Brian R. King is probably one of the most wonderful human beings I have the pleasure to work with!

Helping people to truly see their worth & value, how to guide others into understanding & finding helpful solutions to the life situations, relationships that we find challenging.

Brian really helps & supports with troublesome mindset habits, always providing just the right advise & support.

He also brings others together in a way that each of us feel connected as a tribe & family where each of us have something unique to bring to the table & opinions respected.

Brian also has an amazing perspective & expertise in parenting children with behaviours that can challenge , ADHD & Autism and can therapeutically connect & understand providing us with better more productive ways to understand our children.

If that’s not enough to go on ….go and check out some of his useful & highly helpful videos!

Becky Stephenson (England)


Anyone who isn’t in the program needs to be! For the longest time, I debated the monthly financial commitment of working with Brian. Now, I wonder why I waited so long AND see ten times the value of what I pay each month! Brian is exactly who I needed as a coach, after hiring and firing many over the years. I truly wish I would have committed sooner! Being part of his mastermind group is a benefit I never expected to gain from. When I finally spoke up, I received the support from many group members with advice I really needed to hear! The group alone is worth the financial commitment! Then you get Brian and all his wisdom on top of it!
Ellie Rome-Reed

We’re all in this together!

This is the foundation of the Spectrum Inner Circle 

"I enrolled in Brian's program hoping to find strategies to help my daughter manage her anxiety and become better organized. I'm surprised at how Amazing the content is. It helps me think in a new way. I recommend this program highly, especially for parents who want to better advocate for their child. Brian touches on so many issues that cause troubles for our anxious or ADD kids. Brian's openness and willingness to help whenever I reach out to him sets him and his program apart."
Tammy Drew

Is this community right for you? Let’s see. . .

  • Do you have a child ages 5-18 suspected or diagnosed with ADHD or ASD?
  • Are you a lifelong learner eager to learn about yourself and others?
  • Willing to be honest and vulnerable about your emotions and struggles?
  • Are you proactive in asking for what you need (or willing to become more so)?
  • Do you understand parenting has no quick fixes and involves trial and learning to find what works?

In the Spectrum Inner Circle you’ll have an entire community of women who answer “yes” to the questions above. to back you up, lift you up and pull you forward. Without judgment!

Ready to get to work?

Considering my hourly rate is $175 the inner circle will overdeliver for you.

Ready to apply?

Click Here to complete the application for admission into our community

Inner Circle Membership

$ 150 Monthly
  • Access to a growing library or video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more
  • Transcripts of Elite mastermind calls - THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT!
  • Community calls and transcripts
  • Access to our private group to collaborate with and get support from other members

Elite Mastermind

In addition to everything in the Basic Membership, you can attend weekly group coaching calls with other clients who wish to do a deeper dive into the roadblocks to their success through the power of synergy.

$ 300 Monthly
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