We’re all in this together!

"I enrolled in Brian's program hoping to find strategies to help my daughter manage her anxiety and become better organized. I'm surprised at how Amazing the content is. It helps me think in a new way. I recommend this program highly, especially for parents who want to better advocate for their child. Brian touches on so many issues that cause troubles for our anxious or ADD kids. Brian's openness and willingness to help whenever I reach out to him sets him and his program apart."
Tammy Drew

What prevents you from having what your heart desires?

  • Do you believe it’s your job to make everyone else happy?
  • That you should keep the peace and avoid conflict?
  • Do you talk yourself into staying where they are even when you’re unhappy?

Then you have the chance right now to change all of that!

You won’t have to do it alone either 🙂

In our Breakthrough Academy for Women with ADHD, you’ll have an entire community of women to back you up, lift you up and pull you forward. 

By the way, what action have you taken already to change your situation? 

Little? None? Some but inconsistently. 

Don’t worry, you’re about to become much better at taking the right action and sticking with it.

Of course you’ll learn how to use reminders, lists and other technology to fill in the gaps so you can be more productive.

But it’s of no use to you with a self sabotaging mindset. 

That’s why some of the things we’ll be working on include:

  • Discovering and practicing beliefs that empower you.
  • Learning to take better care of yourself without guilt.
  • Setting better boundaries so relationships are more supportive and less draining.
  • Creating a life for yourself independent of traditional roles (e.g. wife, mother).
  • Increasing your confidence. 
  • Improving your ability to get back up after you fall without feeling like a failure.

You’ll be relieved to know that everyone in this community shares these same challenges and already “get you”.

So you’ll be able to jump right in and get to work with a team to support you.

Ready to get to work?

Below is a description of the options you have for creating what your heart desires.

When you find the one that’s right for you, you can sign up immediately!

Please ask any questions you have about them. 


All of my ADHD clients receive membership is a client community full of supportive, patient and nonjudgmental women to walk alongside you in your journey.  

You can ask questions and receive support while exploring video and other resources to increase your skills in:

$ 50 Monthly
  • Strategies to help you overcome people pleasing, perfectionism, negative thinking and more . . .
  • A community or women who "get you" and are eager to see you win in your life.

Community Plus #

In addition to everything in the COMMUNITY Package, You can attend the LIVE Community Calls where you'll receive specialized instruction and support from Brian and other members of the community.

$ 150 Monthly
  • Transcripts of Elite mastermind calls - THIS ALONE IS WORTH IT!
  • Community calls and transcripts
  • Can message Brian privately with questions for more specialized attention.
  • Access to our private group & message board (the latter is powerful for getting laser focused solutions to your challenges).

Elite Mastermind

In addition to everything in the COMMUNITY + Package, you can attend 1-2 weekly group coaching calls with other clients who wish to do a deeper dive into the roadblocks to their success through the power of synergy.

$ 300 Monthly
  • The Monday group "Business Breakthroughs" focuses on business mindset & strategies (for women with ADHD who wish to start their own businesses or improve existing businesses).
  • The Thursday "Relationship Breakthroughs" group focuses on improving personal and relationship mindset. As you know, if your relationships hold you back they'll affect your business. Here's where we'll handle those issues.
  • Additional 15-30 min laser focused 1 to 1 calls are available.
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