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Discover a program that’s transforming lives! Our unique approach combines cutting-edge techniques with personalized support, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you’re seeking to overcome personal challenges, enhance your professional skills, or embark on a journey of self-discovery, this program offers the tools and guidance you need. With expert mentors, a supportive community, and resources available 24/7, you’re not just joining a program; you’re stepping into a world of opportunity. Click now to uncover the path to your fullest potential!



The MindBridge Mentoring Program is all about helping people with AuDHD (that’s autism and ADHD combined) make real connections with others, starting with understanding and connecting with themselves.

This program is super personal, working one-on-one to really get into what each person needs. It’s about making life better by helping people feel understood, share empathy, and find friends who get them.

We use simple, clear ways to communicate, make sure everyone feels like they belong, and do exercises that are all about building friendships and community. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; it’s tailored to make sure it fits just right for each person.

Celebrating what makes each person with AuDHD special is a big part of what we do. By doing this, we’re not just helping individuals; we’re working towards a world that’s more welcoming and supportive for everyone. It’s about making sure everyone can find their place, feel good about their relationships, and be part of a community that cares.

But connection is only the beginning…

Transform Your Journey with Brian’s Expert Guidance

Brian R. King, MSW

Meet Brian: a father, an author, and a beacon of hope in the world of Neurodiversity. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work and personal experience living with AuDHD (Autism x ADHD) and raising 3 sons with the same, Brian has turned challenges into triumphs.

Before working with Brian, folks with AuDHD often feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and alone in their experiences with neurodiversity (ND), whether it’s in their personal lives or in supporting a loved one.

“Brian has the innate ability to clearly articulate what is truly going on. His desire to empower others is a shining example of human kindness!” ~Tammi Moses, Chief Encouragement Officer, Homes Are For Living, LLC

They might be grappling with a feeling of helplessness, struggling to find effective strategies or feeling disconnected from those around them. They may be searching for answers, attending various seminars, reading books, or perhaps hesitantly trying different approaches without much success or guidance.

There’s obvious frustration and a longing for a deeper understanding of themselves and connection with others.

Before and After Working with BrianAfter working with Brian’s program, there’s a transformative shift in their mindset and approach. They often feel empowered, clearer in their thinking, more confident, resilient, and deeply connected to a community that understands their challenges.

The sense of isolation is replaced by a feeling of belonging and being understood. They’re equipped with practical, personalized strategies and a newfound confidence in handling the complexities of their neurodiversity.

They’re more proactive, engaged, and optimistic. They communicate more effectively with their loved ones, implement strategies, and actively participate in the supportive community they’ve become a part of.

In the case of parents seeking help with their relationship with a child having Autism or ADHD, I work with the parents as well as the child. That’s included. Parents often neglect their own needs as they give everything to supporting their child. But parents have needs too, and I support them in meeting their own needs and building their own skills while also doing the same for their child. The more each person is able to show up fully, the faster things can improve and the more likely the change is to stick.

This journey with Brian not only brings about a change in their approach to the challenges of life, it opens up a compassionate and respectful way of seeing and relating to themselves. 


“I had a great call with Brian, we laughed all the time and the wisdom level of the conversation was mind blowing. I admire his bravery and decision to share his life and spread the knowledge. His clear and simple messages landing so strong together with insane positivity and support.” – Salvija Reiciune (Abuse Expert, C. Hypnotherapist, Mind Programmer)
“For real though an hour with you made my life make more sense than it EVER HAS!” – Ashley Stevenson (Life Coach)
“I still can’t get over how perceptive you are and how you are able to immediately zero in on the root of a problem.” – Abigail Wondrasek
“You’ll learn more from Brian in an ‘hour’ than you’ll learn from another consultant in a ‘Year.” – Chris Gename
“Top int’l mentor for parents of children with Autism: insightful safe strategies that bust myths & transform issues into possibilities.” John Greally (New Zealand) Co-founder of The Autism Cooperative

Why Brian’s Approach is Different

  • Personalized Support: Get a customized success plan and digital workbooks tailored just for you.

  • Flexible and Accessible: Learn at your pace, anytime, anywhere with our 100% portable program.

  • Direct Access to Brian: Experience the power of direct communication with Brian – anytime you need it.

  • Exclusive Community Support: Join EMPOWER, our online Discord community for Women, for additional support and inspiration.


Limited Opportunity – Act Now

Tammy Drew Testimonial

Brian’s unique BRAVE Process Course, valued at $370, is included. Plus, get the rare chance to work directly with Brian – he only takes on 5 clients at a time!

  • Brian will create custom digital workbooks for you to address the specific issues you’re experiencing. Including strategies to help you create results you actually want.

  • 24/7 access to Brian via messaging to ask all the questions you have when you have them.

  • You can have practically unlimited 15-minute strategy sessions with Brian via Zoom. Sometimes we may need to talk in real-time, and this allows for that.

  • We’ll quickly identify and bottomline the reasons for your present difficulty.

  • Laser-focused guidance from Brian to implement lessons from a growing library of video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more…

  • Messaging through WhatsApp also allows you and me to put more thought into each answer, which makes sure you get my best advice.

Ready to Embrace the Life You Were Meant to Live?

Don’t miss this chance to transform your life. Contact Brian now to secure your spot or to ask any questions.

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