Communication Plan for Conquering Your Inner Critic PDF




Get help conquering your Inner Critic as you are improving your self-talk with the Communication Plan for Conquering Your Inner Critic PDF by me, Brian R King, MSW!

Get ahead of that nasty inner critic with my Communication Plan For Conquering Your Inner Critic!

One of the biggest obstacles that I help my clients with when it comes to improving their self-talk is learning to identify and calm that inner critic voice that comes up whenever they try to make an improvement in their mindset and life (no, it’s not just you!)

I know how annoying that little gremlin can be, especially when you are trying to make an improvement like working on your self talk.

The reality is that it’s just your brain trying to keep you safe which actually just keeps you stuck if you aren’t careful and let that inner critic become the loudest voice.

Let’s give your inner coach the chance to speak up, too!

Let’s give the grow voice a chance to be predominant over the slow-down voice.

Let’s give that inner critic a chance to take a break and sit in the backseat for a while- it’s probably been working overtime for a while now.

The communication plan template PDF:

  • Helps you clarify your goal for a difficult conversation. Is it to vent, problem-solve, gain understanding, etc? Getting clear on your intention helps keep the talk productive.
  • Prompts you to check your assumptions about the other person’s feelings or motives. Assumptions often create misunderstandings, so identifying them ahead of time allows you to keep an open mind.
  • Encourages you to consider the other person’s perspective. How might they view the situation differently? What do they need to feel heard? This builds empathy and prevents defensiveness.
  • Helps you strategize the best time, place and approach for the conversation. Speaking your truth while also listening to theirs avoids unnecessary conflict.
  • Having a plan makes difficult conversations feel less intimidating and helps you connect authentically. You can speak skillfully instead of reacting emotionally.
  • Provides a simple, customizable framework to prepare for a productive dialogue about any sensitive topic with a loved one.

Overall, it supports healthy, open communication in relationships by promoting self-awareness, empathy, and intentionality.

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