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Unlock the Power of “Pick Brian’s Brain”: Your Go-To AuDHD Digital Assistant, Available 24/7

Ever wished for a way to instantly access expert advice on AuDHD (Autism x ADHD)? Imagine having the ability to quickly scan through my entire YouTube channel to pinpoint the exact video that answers your pressing questions.

Introducing “Pick Brian’s Brain” – a revolutionary platform designed specifically for adults and teens with AuDHD, as well as for the parents, therapists, and educators dedicated to supporting them. This isn’t just a tool; it’s like having me, Brian, an AuDHD specialist, right there with you, day or night.

How does “Pick Brian’s Brain” work?

Ever wondered, “How can I help my kid with ADHD handle their emotions better?”

Well, guess what? I’ve got something cool for you – it’s a digital assistant called “Pick Brian’s Brain.” Just pop your question into it, hit enter, and boom! It searches through every single YouTube video on my channel, not to mention the 5 books I’ve written on raising kids with autism, plus all the articles and talks I’ve given over the last 16 years.

Easily over 100 hours of step-by-step strategies and life changing insights it would take you a month or more to get through.

You’d have to watch or listen until the answer to your question showed up., and hope you were paying attention when it did. But now you can have the answer in seconds.

So, if I’ve ever answered your question in the past 16 years, “Pick Brian’s Brain” will find you the answer lickety-split.

Here’s a peek of what I’ve covered over the years:

  • Tips for managing emotions and staying focused in class

  • Advice on building lasting friendships when you have autism

  • Making your business more accessible for Neurodivergent folks

  • Tricks for getting stuff done even when your executive functions are glitchy

  • Boosting your confidence and being kinder to yourself

  • Access to all the workbooks I’ve put together for my clients

  • PLUS, whenever I come across an awesome article or some solid research, I’ll throw it in there too so the answers you receive will contain additional resources.

And if your question hasn’t been answered yet, no worries – I’ll make sure to add it. That way, your curiosity helps me make “Pick Brian’s Brain” even better.

Wanna get in on this before everyone else? Jump on the waitlist and be the first to dive in!

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Why Choose “Pick Brian’s Brain”?

  • Instant Expert Insights: Dive into a comprehensive database filled with advice on everything from helping autistic children navigate emotional challenges to empowering neurodivergent business owners to succeed.
  • Tailored Guidance: Ask your questions and receive responses as though you’re having a personal consultation with an experienced AuDHD mentor.
  • Ongoing Personalized Support: If your question is new, one click connects you directly to Brian for an answer, ensuring you always have the support you need.

Empowerment Within Reach:

Explore a growing wealth of resources, including:

  • My five published books on pivotal topics such as parenting your child with autism at home and in the classroom.
  • Lessons and Workbooks to increase emotional regulation, boundary setting, and overcoming people-pleasing.
  • Strategies for understanding and leveraging your neurodivergence.
  • Business tips for making your processes and content more neurodivergent friendly.
  • Techniques for managing daily life, enhancing sensory experiences, and fostering successful relationships.
  • Insights on navigating social situations for teens and adults with autism.
  • SO much more…

Designed for the Educated, Compassionate Professional:

Your dedication to the well-being of those with AuDHD is commendable. “Pick Brian’s Brain” is here to support your mission, providing immediate access to expert advice that will elevate your effectiveness and impact.

Join Our Community:

When at least 10 people have invested in “Pick Brian’s Brain” I’ll launch a community so you can discuss your questions and the answers you receive from “Pick Brian’s Brain”.

I’ve found discussion to be the best way to clarify your understanding and for making sure you’re implementing strategies for the best outcome.

Join the movement to create a more inclusive society for all people Neurodivergent or Traditional Human, we’re all in this together.

Become part of a vibrant network of caregivers and educators transforming lives through access to specialized, actionable, and personalized advice.

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