Is Brian right for you?

Hey, this is Brian King here, thank you so much for expressing interest in the work that I do. And considering how it might fit into your life.

This page is an important first step in our work together. Shortly, you’ll learn more about what it is that I do, who is the best fit for the kind of work that I do, and who I’m clearly not for.

Then I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you want to have a conversation to discuss how we might work together. Sound good?


Who are my services NOT for?

  • MEN! It’s not that I won’t work with men it’s that I work much better with women. In fact, they tell me that often. 

    “You get us,” said my client Lisa Hiering recently. 

    Since the beginning of my work in the ADHD field some 12+ years ago, it’s been the mom or spouse who sought me out and ended up quarterbacking everything. 

    So I’ve been working primarily with women all along. I figured it was about time to claim it as a strength and a great opportunity for you. 

  • People that want free or cheap services. Now, I’m not sure where this comes from. I’ve been working with the special needs community for well over 12 years.
    • I’m approached often by people that expect me to operate like a charity.
    • I run a business and can’t afford to put so little value on my time.
    • Cheap is wanting sliding scales, discounts, you know, like I’m a sale item at Walmart.

I’m not a commodity.

What I am is a highly trained professional, with a master’s degree in social work, and 30 years worth of specialized training, personal, professional research that I’ve done.

And I’ve managed to establish a worldwide reputation for having the answers that no one else has ever given you. When it comes to matters of ADHD, and autism spectrum challenges.

  • I‘m not for people looking to use their insurance because what I’m doing isn’t therapy.

You don’t need a medical diagnosis to work with me. You know what your challenges are. If they fall under the ADHD umbrella, let’s work on them. 

I’m not working within the medical model, which encourages you to see your challenges as symptoms of a disorder that requires treatment and curing etc. 

That way of seeing things is a mindset problem with our culture. One that teaches us that things we don’t like about ourselves are pathologies. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The issues we’re dealing with ADHD, relationship challenges, anxiety, confidence, these are all results of the human condition. These are things that we all struggle with.

And what I’m teaching people how to do is how to navigate life much more effectively, while also living with ADHD.

Okay, back to the insurance conversation.

I already said this isn’t medical, it isn’t therapy. It’s coaching, it’s education. It’s giving you the knowledge and the skills you need to overcome the challenges you have.

Another downside of the insurance mindset is it doesn’t allow you to have a lot of skin in the game.

When I used to do therapy with people, they were used to paying a $10 or $30 copay per session.

It didn’t feel like an investment to them, it was too transactional.

If it didn’t feel like they were going to be out the money. If they didn’t make good use of our time. They would just procrastinate, make excuses or miss sessions altogether with no regard for my time.

Once I started asking more of people to invest, what my services were worth, they would step up and get results.

  • I‘m not for people that want quick fixes. We aren’t popping pills here, pills don’t teach skills. “What medication do you recommend I get”, is often one of the first questions I get. “Gimme a strategy to fix this,” is another one. We’re not patching a flat tire we’re dealing with human beings here. 

The medical model and fast food culture we live in encourages impatience.

The reality is lasting change begins with mindset change the creation of new habits to replace old ones. And there’s no pill or switch to flip in order to accomplish that.

But let’s face it, if you can create change so easily you would have. That’s why you’re here, you’re smart enough to know you need help and that’s a courageous step. 

If you commit to the work, for at least three months minimum, then our work together can help you create the momentum you need to transform your circumstances.

  • I‘m not for people interested in putting out fires instead of preventing them, people who only want to seek me out when there is a problem, when there’s something that is causing them such an issue that it’s interfering with their life. That’s the wrong time to deal with things.

It’s the equivalent of letting a wound become infected before you deal with it.

You and I are looking to be proactive, solution and goal driven, to create the life YOU want instead of settling for the one you have. 

  • And lastly, I don’t do crisis.

I don’t rescue because I don’t work with people who are panicky, love drama and want me to drop everything for them. That’s exhausting.  

Asking for guidance and help is reasonable, I will always encourage you to do so. 

Who is my work best for?

The part you’ve been waiting for 😉 

  • As I mentioned earlier, I work best with women, entrepreneurs. Do you have to be an entrepreneur, of course not. Just a woman with challenges in the ADHD realm that impact your life (e.g. relationships, work, finances, etc) in a way you have decided is no longer acceptable to you.

  • Someone who can meet earlier in the day say between 8am-2pm CST. My self-care needs require lots of afternoon downtime. I’m still available for messaging and group support after 2pm CST but not face to face time.

  • Someone who’s a lifelong learner, who loves learning new things and is curious about what makes themselves and others tick.

  • Someone with good sense of humor. Being able to laugh at your self and the irony of your experiences is one of the most powerful sources of resilience there is. We use humor a lot in our group calls to make some of the deeper conversations easier to have.

  • Someone who realizes that this work is a marathon and not a sprint.

We aren’t cramming for a test here. We’re working to help you discover the deepest sources of strength, resourcefulness and resilience that lie within you.

That takes time and work.

And rushing it to satisfy impatience is a recipe for mediocre results.

I don’t promise fast, what I promise is effective.

My strategies have been tested, you’re after year, client after client. And the results speak for themselves.

It’s up to you to use those strategies and use them consistently. And we’ll work together to make sure that that’s exactly what you’re able to do.

  • I‘m best for someone who believes in investing in themselves, because who you are, is more of a powerful influence in getting what you want than any other factor.

Someone who is seeking and willing to accept accountability and achieving their goals, no blame, no excuses, just personal responsibility.

Now, I’m not saying you have to be perfect for us to work together.

But you do have to be willing to do the work.

Progress is the measure of success, not perfection.

  • Lastly, I work best with someone willing to be open about their successes and struggles for the benefit of others.

It’s been my experience that we help others heal and grow by sharing our stories.

That’s one of the main reasons why I have established a private community, just for the people I work with.

So they can share their struggles with each other and learn and grow together, learn how to be vulnerable and trusting and learning how to grow within the community because that’s where we spend our lives.

In a friendship, marriage, family, neighborhood in a town, and learning how to be supported and give support within that context is essential.

That’s how we change the world. That’s how we make things better.

The people interested in doing that are the people I work best with.

So that’s the long and short of it. I hope this has really helped clarify whether you believe I would be a good fit for the kind of goals you have and the kind of work you’re looking to do

If so, reach out to me again, we’ll set up a time to talk and we’ll discuss and implement next steps.

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