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Here’s a quick overview of the resources and services Brian offers – from FREE to FEE. Please message us with any questions you have.

25 tips

25 Tips for Effective Communication and Collaboration with Neurodiverse

Clients Struggling to connect with neurodiverse clients? Get my free guide with 25 practical tips for effective communication and collaboration with your neurodivergent clients. Click Here.

Empower Pro Waitlist

Unlock your career by joining the Empower Pro waitlist for early access to this exclusive program designed for professionals serving the neurodivergent community. Click Here.
Happily neurodivergent header
The ultimate goal of this Facebook community for women is to help ND women create fulfilling lives, while cherishing and leveraging the unique contributions each individual brings to society, thus promoting a society that appreciates and upholds neurodiversity. Click Here.

I’ve written 5 books (so far) on personal growth, resilience, parenting and neurodiversity. Learn and improve your life.

Click Here 

What's a power hour?

Stuck or overwhelmed? A Power Hour session provides expert guidance to overcome challenges and gain clarity on your goals. Click Here.

The BRAVE Process Course

Build resilience and overcome adversity with the BRAVE Process Course. Learn tools and strategies to tackle life’s challenges and the strong emotions that come with them. Click Here

Women’s Group: EMPOWER
Seeking support and connections with other women who ‘get it’? Join the Empower Community to grow and thrive with like-minded women. This community is multigenerational, some neurodivergent and others not. The combination of life experiences leads to powerful transformation. Click Here.
Men’s Group: Embolden
A community for men wanting a nonjudgmental space to express their emotions and learn to heal to overcome the beliefs and habits that make them feel “not-good-enough”.  So step up and take charge with Embolden, it’s what you’ve been looking for. Click Here.
EMPOWERed 1-on-1 Coaching
Unlimited access to Brian, 24/7, including customized lessons and worksheets to help with your specific challenges. Let’s get started! Click Here.
Me presenting at Cary
Keynote Speaking
Need an inspiring speaker with a story of resilience that’ll blow your mind, empower you to think bigger, believe more in yourself and more? Book Brian R. King for engaging talks on various topics that captivate and motivate audiences. Click Here.

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