Here’s a quick overview of the different options available to work 1:1 with Brian. Please message us with any questions you have.


eMentoring, also known as text-based mentoring, is an innovative and highly effective form of guidance and support.

  • By conversing through text, eMentoring provides focused attention without the distractions that can occur during in-person or voice conversations.
  • The asynchronous nature of texting allows both parties to carefully reflect on the dialogue and craft thoughtful responses. This leads to deepened awareness and accelerated growth.
  • eMentoring also transcends physical location, making is available to anyone in any time zone.
  • The written record provides accountability and makes progress tangible. For those who struggle with verbal communication, eMentoring creates a comfortable space for introspection and growth.

By blending accessibility, convenience, focus, and depth, eMentoring delivers profound results with efficiency and care. It’s an ideal way to get unstuck, gain clarity, and achieve breakthroughs.

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Ready to get started? Here are our offerings:

30 Minutes$75

– A quick check-in or targeted conversation

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60 Minutes$150

– In-depth discussion and guidance on a specific issue

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Half Day (3 hours) – $400

– Explore a complex situation holistically
– Make significant progress on goals/challenges
– Includes 30 min break (if needed)

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EMPOWERed – $500 (Per Month)

With nearly unlimited access to Brian.
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Full Day (6 hours) – $800

– For individuals ready to deeply commit to transformation
– Uncover root causes and make a concrete plan
– Includes 1 hour break (if needed)
– Bonus 30 min follow-up included

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The Breakthrough Bundle – $600

– 3 x 60 Minute eMentoring Sessions
– Laser focus on making a shift

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The Transformation Bundle – $1,000

– 2 x Half Day eMentoring Sessions
– Fundamentally evolve your mindset and life

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