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What is “Conversations & Connections”?

“Conversations & Connections” is a 12-week program tailored for the neurodivergent community, focusing on enhancing communication and relationship skills. It includes weekly group video calls, access to a private online community, and a wealth of resources such as workbooks, courses, and videos.

Who should consider joining this course?

This course is ideal for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of neurodiversity. Whether you’re on your own journey of self-discovery, supporting a loved one, or a professional aiming to foster inclusivity, this program offers valuable insights and tools.

What does the course cover?

Over 12 weeks, we’ll explore various topics crucial for personal and professional growth, including self-awareness, emotional management, setting boundaries, and enhancing communication skills. The course is designed to apply these learnings practically, ensuring that participants can implement the skills in real-life scenarios.

Why is group learning beneficial for individuals with autism and ADHD?

Group learning settings have many advantages because they provide an environment for practicing social interactions and exposing participants to diverse perspectives, which is crucial for developing problem-solving, resourcefulness and resilience. Additionally, the peer support found in group learning can increase motivation and participation, enhancing your learning experience.

How can seeing others ask my questions be helpful?

Seeing others ask the same questions or concerns you have can significantly reduce any anxiety about participating. It normalizes your experiences and challenges, making the learning environment feel safer and more inclusive.

What if I am overwhelmed by group settings?

It’s common to feel anxious about group interactions, especially if you have social anxiety or feel overwhelmed easily. Our program acknowledges these feelings and is designed to help ease you into interactions gradually and respectfully, ensuring a supportive and accommodating learning atmosphere.

Will I get enough support in a group setting?

While the concern about the level of individual support in a group setting is understandable, the diverse perspectives and shared experiences within the group often lead to a richer learning experience. Observing others’ journeys, growth and challenges can provide valuable lessons and unexpected insights that contribute to personal growth.

How does participating in a group program help with making friends?

Participating in a group program not only helps in learning but also in connecting with a diverse network of people you have many things in common with. These connections can lead to new business opportunities, collaborations, and even lifelong friendships and mentorships.

What if I feel my challenges are too unique?

The beauty of this program is in showing that many challenges are more common than you might think, which can be particularly reassuring. Understanding that you’re not alone in your journey can be empowering and comforting, helping you engage more openly and confidently.

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