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Brian has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is the father of three boys with Autism and ADHD. 

After receiving the same diagnoses himself, he went on to write 5 books and become a recognized specialist in the field of Neurodiversity. With a unique approach to helping parents and educators connect with their children who live with these unique challenges, Brian’s captivating, interactive presentations and programs continue to change lives around the world. 

His message of self-compassion, resilience and the importance of working together is one we all need to hear.

How can you receive coaching from Brian… 

  • For an entire month
  • At your convenience – because it’s 100% Portable
  • With 24/7 access via Text Messaging
  • AND receive your own customized digital workbook??
  • My BRAVE Process Course
    which is worth $370 on its own, is included in the workbook.
  • YES – you get to talk to Brian LIVE as well.

One more thing…

  • I’m also giving you 1 month membership in EMPOWER! The support you’ll receive in this online Discord community can supercharge your progress.

Keep reading for details…

Embrace the Life You Were Meant to Live!

“This video is so beautiful Brian. Thank you for all that you do in this world and for helping our family!” – Lori Ellen

“Love this Brian – it 100% resonates with what we’ve gone through with our daughter.” – Derek Kaye

There’s 1 thing every successful client who works with me learns to do. It’s rarely the thing they think they need. Watch the video to the left and find out what it is …

Individual sessions with Brian are $225 for and hour and $115 for 30 minutes.

The time spent working with Brian can be life changing. What happens then?
Where will you find the support and guidance you need to follow through?

You know, follow through is where the self-sabotage happens.
Having someone to stay with you, step-by-step can be the difference between progress and procrastination, right?

Well I’ve figured out a way that I can support you for an entire month. By making use of texting, you can message me through text anytime you have a question or update to share

No need for appointments – ever. It’s like having me on retainer.

This is a NO Brainer huh?

Ready to get started? Contact Brian now to express your interest/ask questions, as he only works with 5 clients at a time in this way.

Details below…

EMPOWERed Mentoring Program

$ 500
  • Brian will create a custom digital workbook for you - containing lessons and exercises to address the specific issues you’re experiencing. Followed by strategies to help you create results you actually want.
  • Client ONLY newsletter to offer tips and introduce new lessons from the EMPOWERMENT Workbook
  • The workbook includes my BRAVE Process Course which is worth $370 on its own.
  • You can have practically unlimited 15-minute strategy sessions with Brian via Zoom
  • We'll quickly identify and bottomline the reasons for your present difficulty
  • Laser-focused guidance from me to implement lessons from a growing library of video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more
  • Messaging also allows you and me to put more thought into each answer, which makes sure you get my best advice

Workbook Sample: Click Here to see a sample of a workbook being used by a current client.

Every workbook contains:

  • A Table of Contents with links to easily and quickly find the information and/or exercise you want to work on.
  • Exercises designed to help you build skills and unlearn self-sabotaging habits.
  • It’s in pdf form and is fillable on digital devices so you don’t need to print it out (unless you want to) and can access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Brian can keep adding new lessons to the workbook to address unique challenges that arise.
  • The workbook can act like a treasure map to the skills you’ve learned, so you can review and practice them any time you like.
  • We can’t wait for you to experience this first hand.

Enroll now so we can get started.

NOTE: Don’t pay before you and Brian agree to work together. Click Here to contact Brian.