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This is a place where you can take off your mask and be fully accepted and appreciated for who you really are.


A place where you can find education and resources as well as support from others walking the same path.


You’re Not Alone!

The day you (or your child) was diagnosed, your whole world stopped for a moment. Suddenly, everything made sense. You felt relieved.


But then you began to realise that while having a label was helpful in many ways, it didn’t necessarily make things easier. When it comes right down to it, you’re still navigating a world that isn’t built for ND folks.


But what if you had an experienced guide leading you and a whole community rallying behind you?


What if no matter what was going on in your life, you always had somewhere to turn: a community full of people going through the same thing you are.


You’ve heard the phrase ‘’hurt people hurt people.’’ But what is also the case is that healed people heal people. 

Empower is full of teachers, leaders, and healers who know the importance of leading by example, and the value of support. 

It takes a village. And those who give to others know that one cannot pour from an empty cup. 

With Empower, it will overflow.

Raising Neurodivergent Kids

Me and the boys

Neurodivergent people need individualized support, but how do you know what they need, or how to give it to them?

In 2008, Brian found himself a single father to three wonderful boys, aged 3, 5, and 11. They’re all on the neurodiverse spectrum with their own needs and challenges.

It was then that he committed to learning all he could to help his children live their best lives.

Zachary was diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD, Dyslexia and bi-polar. He had extreme anxiety, frequent classroom meltdowns, and struggled to manage his aggression. Now he’s thriving, working a part time job in a hospital while completing his bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Aidan was diagnosed with Autism at three years old. He had a significant speech delay which made him nearly unintelligible until he was six. He struggled with sensory issues and emotional regulation, and spent more time receiving 1-on-1 assistance outside of class than in it. He’s now a high school graduate and working part time while studying welding at the local Community College- maintaining an A average. 

Connor, the youngest, was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD when he was nine. His sensory sensitivities often resulted in tears the moment he returned from school each day. He’s highly creative and very structured in his approach to life. In his junior year of high school, in spite of his profound shyness, he decided to try out for the school play and was cast in a primary role. 

Brian’s experience being ND while raising ND kids is invaluable when it comes to running the Empower community.

Empower is a community made for women – so why is it run by a man?

woman thinking

Brian’s emotional intelligence and penchant for deep conversation has meant he’s always connected better with women.

Before entering the online space, Brian ran a full time therapy practice where he worked primarily with neurodiverse children. Typically, their mothers would bring them in, working closely with Brian to help support their kids and understand them better.

Eventually, they began to request a space where they could come together, providing mutual encouragement, sharing what they’d learned, and commiserating with like-minded people in a place where they could be themselves.

And so, the Empower community was born.

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About Brian, the Founder of Empower

Brian R. King, MSW
Brian R. King, MSW
Linds Testimonial

Neurodivergence can be incredibly isolating. As an ND person and father of three ND sons, Brian knows that better than most.

Brian R. King, MSW is a Professional Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Presenter, ADHD/ Autism Consultant, and Bestselling Author who has been wowing audiences for over 30 years. 

Throughout his career, he’s become known as a pinnacle of positivity (in a non-toxic way) and resilience in the face of his learning and physical disabilities. 

His candor, compassion and wit set him apart in an industry filled with messages like ‘’Kindness is a choice,’’ and ‘’We’re all in this together.’

Brian tells it like it is, makes you laugh, and touches your heart all at the same time.

With your monthly membership you get access to:

Weekly group coaching calls: with Brian and other community members. These calls are truly transformational, and the weekly schedule means you can tackle each challenge as it comes, backed by the support of the group. Calls are every Sat 9am CST/3pm UK(Value $249)

Call Replays and Transcripts: Recordings and transcripts of monthly group calls. Laser-focused guidance from Brian to implement lessons from a growing library of video tutorials for managing executive function challenges, repairing relationships, parenting, managing anxiety and more… (Value: $1000s)

Courses and workbooks: designed to help you understand, manage, and communicate your emotions more easily, all while getting support from the group! (Worksheets can be printed or completed digitally. (Value: $499)

24/7 Support: Access to our private, members-only group to collaborate with and get support from Brian and other members. Members refer to this online community as ”invaluable,” ”validating,” and ”safe.” Sometimes, all we need to know is that we’re not alone. (Value: $299 – priceless)

Priority 1 to 1 Mentoring: As a member of the community, you get access to 1:1 coaching with Brian exclusively- and at a discounted rate! This is in an effort to ensure that all community members can make the most out of the opportunity for transformation. Book a 1 hour session for $125 (normally $225) or a 30 minute session for $65 (normally $90).

Get in now for $97 per month… Click Here to get started

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