Unmasking Masculinity – Empowering Men to Embrace Vulnerability, Fostering Authentic Connection, and Redefining Strength.

EMBOLDEN is my new men’s program – currently in beta and enrolling Founding Members.

So I mentioned “unmasking masculinity”, what do I mean by that?

In this context, “unmasking” refers to the process of revealing your true self, without pretense or societal expectations. It’s shedding the “masks” or personas that people, in this case men, often feel compelled to wear to fit into societal norms, especially those around masculinity.

These masks can hide genuine feelings, vulnerabilities, and needs. So, “unmasking” is about encouraging authenticity, openness, and honesty, and allowing one’s real self to be seen and understood by others.

It’s about being true to yourself, embracing vulnerability, and breaking away from traditional stereotypes of masculinity that can sometimes restrict emotional expression.

In this program, unmasking can involve activities that encourage self-reflection, self-awareness, and open discussions about fears, dreams, struggles, and successes. Wherever you want the conversation to go.

This work can lead to a sense of liberation and authenticity in expressing your true self.

Because of the work, and the skill with which I facilitate (I’m very good at this a BTW)…
Before you say, “I don’t need this!” I consulted with women and asked them where they see the men in their lives struggling, holding it together, and stuffing their emotions (e.g. except anger of course). I made sure that addressing these challenges would be a primary focus of this program.
This isn’t just another program. Embolden is all about digging into what makes you YOU:
  • It’s a safe space for you and the other gentlemen to be honest about what you’re usually afraid to talk about. The stuff when you were a kid that still leaves you feeling like you aren’t “good enough”
  • You’ll get to experience what it’s like when vulnerability is encouraged, and valued as a sign of strength.
  • You’ll get to discover what your needs are, needs like being seen, heard, understood, valued and learn the skills and confidence to ask for what you need.
  • You’ll learn how to be more kind to yourself. In your thoughts and in your habits. Self-compassion is a powerful skill that can give your inner-critic laryngitis. 
  • You’ll learn how to become a much more skilled communicator with everyone in your life. You can experience fewer misunderstandings, hurt feelings and lengthy apologies.

Bottom line: You’re going to learn how to make your life and relationships even better. Because you’ll have less emotional armor keeping it at bay.

(NOTE: You don’t need to be neurodivergent to join EMBOLDEN)

About Brian, the Founder of EMBOLDEN

Me presenting

Neurodivergence can be incredibly isolating. As an ND person and father of three ND sons, Brian knows that better than most.


Brian King, MSW is a Professional Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Presenter, ADHD/ Autism Consultant, and Bestselling Author who has been wowing audiences for over 30 years. 


Throughout his career, he’s become known as a pinnacle of positivity (in a non-toxic way) and resilience in the face of his learning and physical disabilities. 


His candor, compassion and wit set him apart in an industry filled with messages like ‘’Kindness is a choice,’’ and ‘’We’re all in this together.’

Brian tells it like it is, makes you laugh, and touches your heart all at the same time.

Ready to Embolden yourself?

With your monthly membership you get access to:

  • 24/7 Support

    Access to our private, members-only group to collaborate with and get support from Brian and other members. Members in Brian's other communities refer to them as ''invaluable,'' ''validating,'' and ''safe.'' Sometimes, all we need to know is that we're not alone. (Value: $299 - priceless)

  • The "BRAVE Process" Course

    The "BRAVE Process Course" is Brian's signature process for working through difficult problems without becoming overwhelmed. (Value: $300+)

  • The "Lessons & Exercises"

    The "Lessons and Exercises" Brian creates for his members are customized for the needs of members. They're in fillable pdf so you can complete them privately on your smart device. (Value: $1000+)

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(Once we have 10 Founding Members the price will go to $97)