A Step-By-Step Course for Connecting with Other People

conversations and connections

In fact, this course can improve all of your relationships.

Our world is built upon the contribution of different minds and different ways of communicating. Understanding and embracing neurodiversity can turn awkward silences into meaningful exchanges and confusing interactions into moments of clarity. 

That’s what we’re here for.

Let's Get Real... Here's what you get when you join the Conversations and Connections Program:

The value of this program served up short and sweet:

➙ It’s a 12-week program focuses on 
    communication and relationships, tailored for the 
    neurodivergent community.

➙ It will include weekly group video calls where 
    participants can ask Brian questions and learn from
    each other.
➙ Participants will get access to a private online 
    community, in Discord.
➙ All of Brian’s existing workbooks and resources  
    will be included.
All future content updates, and all
    new content Brian adds is included.
➙ Access to Brian’s “Brave Process” course.
➙ There will be 10 spots available for the first cohort.

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Pay in Full  $999
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Pay 3 payments of $335
WAIT! Is $97 per month more affordable? 
Keep reading to find out how to enroll for $97 per month…

Discover the Joy of Connecting Differently with "Conversations & Connections"

Hey there! Welcome to “Conversations & Connections: A Neurodiverse Communication Course.”

 This isn’t just any course; it’s your guide to navigating the colorful world of communication through a neurodiverse lens. Whether you’re figuring out your own path, supporting a loved one, or just keen to learn about diverse ways of connecting, you’ve found the right place.

Here’s What We’ve Got Cooking:

Over 12 weeks, we’ll walk the talk together, from getting to know the ins and outs of neurodiversity with a focus on Autism and ADHD, to setting goals and smashing them. Here’s a sneak peek:
⭐️ First Stop: Knowing Me, Knowing You
We start by figuring out what makes us tick. From 
what keeps us organized (or not) to how we handle 
our emotions, it’s all about getting that self-
awareness on point.
⭐️ Building Confidence & Respect
Next, we’re all about building up that self-love and 
understanding the give-and-take of personal
boundaries. Plus, we’ll talk about making choices
that keep our minds and bodies happy.
⭐️ Speak Up, Stand Out
Learning how to say what you need and navigating the sometimes tricky world around us is up next. We’ll also get our hands dirty with some problem-solving skills.
⭐️ The Discipline to Dream
Here, it’s all about managing our time like a boss, setting goals that actually make sense, and tackling procrastination head-on.
⭐️ Charting Your Own Course
As we start wrapping up, we’ll dive into figuring out what really lights our fire, learning to do the adulting thing with a bit of flair, and finding our tribe.
⭐️ Looking Back, Leaping Forward
We’ll finish off by taking stock of how far we’ve come, setting sights on where we want to go, and celebrating every little victory.

Who’s This For?

Anyone and everyone! Seriously, whether you’re on a personal quest, a parent or friend wanting to support someone, or a professional looking to make your space more inclusive, there’s something here for you.

Ready to Jump In?

“Conversations & Connections” is all about making real, meaningful connections in ways that work for us. It’s about understanding, laughter, maybe a few tears, but most of all, it’s about finding joy in our differences.

Got Questions?

Message Brian here with any questions you have about this program.
But if you’re ready to take this journey with us? Let’s dive into the beautiful world of neurodiverse communication together. See you on the inside!
Pay in Full  $999
Click Here
Pay 3 payments of $335
$97 per month
The one difference in the $97 option is that joining the live calls isn’t an option but you have full access to all the material and the Discord community which is full of love and support.
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