QUIT being so Aimless

Throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks is the recipe for a mess NOT for life.

Whether you’re a parent, an entrepreneur or both, the more specific your goal/target is the easier it is to determine what you need to do to hit it. Am I right?

Watch as I explore this subject.

You don’t have to overcome mental or physical illness to be happy

Those of us living with mental or physical health challenges are often fed the message that our aim ought to be to overcome that challenge and anything less is quitting.

In this video I address that assertion and offer a more balanced perception. 

Learning to do this one thing every day can change your life

Whether you start your day feeling depressed, anxious, tired whatever. Learning to do this can prevent you from becoming stuck in unproductive ways of viewing the world and free you to be at your best.

In ADHD, poor focus isn’t the issue, this is . . .

The problem isn’t poor attention or too much attention on the wrong things. The problem is a misunderstanding of how to respond to your mind when it chases a squirrel and how to compassionately and strategically bring it back to where you left off. Watch as I explain a way to do it.