Back to School Success for ADHD

The back to school video offered by Brian R. King, offered incredibly helpful and empathic insight into my own world.

The world of being an ADHD mother, working to support my children who also have the struggles and superpowers that accompany this type of wiring.

I was reminded of the uniqueness in the ways our brains work and of the importance of seeking to understand our needs and to support us in ways that I know help.

I was encouraged to not shy away from making sure our needs are met and remember that my children offer me an authentic perspective of the world.

I was reminded that not only am I their advocate but I am mine as well, and that we are allies.

It’s not about getting my kids to do what makes my life easier but working to see what they need AND I need and helping all of our needs to be met (imperfectly and with better expectations) while working to instill in them tools to work toward a goal of learning to manage their struggles.

I know I’m their example and I feel empowered with the perspective shift I’ve gained.” – Holly Ann Kasper

A message from Brian: 

Back to school refers to more than the beginning of the school year. 

It refers to the opportunity to start over, knowing better and the ability to do better.

For example, “When you go back to school tomorrow you can start fresh.” 

“When you go back to school on Monday you can try some of the strategies we practiced.” 

“When you go back to school after winter break it’s important to have a plan for getting back into the swing of things.” 

This 60 min video training addresses the needs of the student with ADHD as they step into an environment NOT designed to help them thrive.

So what do you do? Watch the video and I’ll show you. 

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