The Difference Between Anxiety and ADHD Hyperactivity

Anxiety vs. ADHD Hyperactivity Venn Diagram

Do you ever feel anxious but don’t know why? Then it may be hyperactivity instead of anxiety.

As someone living with ADHD, do you know that many of the physical, mental, and emotional experiences you’ve been attributing to anxiety may actually be due to the hyperactivity of ADHD.

In fact, there’s so much overlap between the two it could be difficult for you and the professionals you work with to differentiate them and recommend an accurate plan for addressing it.

Is Your Impatience Actually Time-Blindness

man experiencing confusion when looking at a clock

We all experience impatience, not usually to the degree experienced by folks with ADHD or other forms of Neurodivergence (ND). But did you know there are different types of impatience? Yep, it’s not just about being restless or in a hurry! There’s impatience due to problems with delayed gratification, and then there’s impatience due to time-blindness.

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