The Mindset Game

I was invited by my new friend Guy Golan to discuss my thoughts on why people in this part of the world, who seem to have so much opportunity, experience higher rates of depression than anywhere else in the world.

Watch as we discuss this important issue.

Why others can’t waste your time, only you can

I was scheduled to appear on my friend Lee Thomas’s Facebook LIVE show called “Crazy Talk.”

Unanticipated technical glitches on her end made it necessary to reschedule.

Lee apologized for wasting my time and I informed her, “Only I can waste my time.”

I explain in this video what that means.

What makes a person weird?

It’s pretty straightforward actually. A person is considered weird when they are inept at wearing the mask.

You know what I mean. The mask of conformity. The mask that doesn’t make waves and the mask that does what it’s told.

It’s the mask that pretends everything is okay when it isn’t so no one else is inconvenienced by their problems.

Weird is the person that challenges the status quo simply by how they see the world and make their way through it.

Who walks to the rhythm no one else can hear. Who questions the lockstep manner in which everyone else lives their lives.

Wierd is the person who is gifted to society to awaken them from the sea of monotony they swim in.

Weird is the seed that launches the root, that feeds the tree of an innovative spirit. One that moves society forward because it asks the simple question, “What if we didn’t do things the way they’ve always been done?”

When is the last time you were weird, tell me about it?

Cleaning house emotionally

Louise Hay once said, “If you want to clean your kitchen, you have to look at the dirt.”

A prerequisite to being authentically happy is working through the negative emotions that keep it at bay.

Happiness isn’t a fake it till you make it proposition.

Watch and chime in on this discussion.

You don’t have to be an expert to help: A powerful tip for overcoming imposter syndrome

Afraid to share what you know with the world out of fear you’re not qualified?

“Well I’m no expert!”

“Who would want to listen to me?”

There’s a myth in the world that only experts are worth listening too. Not true.

You have something important to teach but your lack of confidence stands in the way of sharing it.

In this video I share a tip for breaking through that confidence block and bringing your wisdom to the world.

Learn to say “No” more easily and more often

If you have difficulty saying NO then this video is for you.

Learn that saying NO isn’t about letting others down, it’s can actually be a sacred exercise for living your life purpose.

Awareness doesn’t solve the problem of acceptance, but this can . . .

We talk about the need for greater Awareness but you must admit, overall Awareness is useless if minds don’t change.

Acceptance of difference isn’t brought about but greater Awareness of that difference.

The problem and the solution are more fundamental. In this video I share my perception of what the real problem is and what opportunities we have to remedy it. I’d love your thoughts on it.

Try letting go of the need to have opinions about things that have nothing to do with you.

I was to explain more about how to do this. Here’s my response.

1) Begin by determining what the opinions are.
2) Ask, “Is my life made better by holding this opinion?”
3) Ask, “Is my energy being depleted by being emotionally invested in this?”
4) Ask, “Is my life purpose served by holding this opinion?”
5) Ask, “By deciding to let go of this opinion, where will my energy go instead?”
There will likely need to be some subtle tweaks in here but these steps can help you.

An Easter lesson on personal transformation

When is the last time you died so you could be reborn? We’ll get into that in a second. For Christians, the Easter Holiday is the most important as it depicts the ultimate promise of Christianity.

As a Buddhist, I honor the lessons of this tradition and share some ideas for how I make use of this tradition in my own life.

Reaching your personal potential often requires you to let go of who you believe yourself to be, allow those ideas to die so you can step into who you truly are.

An acorn must break free in order to become the oak tree it can be.

Watch and share this video as I expand upon this lesson. Happy Easter.

How to make a difference in a stranger’s day

Do you want fries with that? Our everyday actions have become too transactional and we miss opportunities to connect and brighten someone else’s day as a result.

Here are simple tips for interacting with strangers in a human way to help them feel noticed and appreciated.