A Fluid, Dynamic, and Flexible Mentorship Experience

A man holding his iPhone, with two hands, looking at it and smiling.I had an awesome experience with a client recently! We were texting back and forth for about an hour, and sometimes we even exchanged voice messages when it was more convenient.
We established right from the beginning that there’s no expectation of a real-time response. You see, sometimes you need time to sit with those thought-provoking questions I ask.
When clients take the time to think about how they want to respond, it allows them to have an intimate look at their thoughts and feelings in that very moment. They get to see it all because they’re writing it all down.
I absolutely love mentoring my clients this way because it creates a fluid, dynamic and flexible experience.
It’s a personalized experience where we can explore their innermost thoughts and ideas at their own pace.
So if you’re looking for a mentor that values thoughtful reflection and offers a flexible and engaging communication style, I’m here to provide exactly that. Let’s talk…
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