Let Go Of Your Nuts So You Can Be Yourself!

Broken Record
Like a broken record, I asked her to repeat herself again and again until her words penetrated the Teflon coating that surrounds my brain.
I took the extra time I needed to wrap up the task at hand before even thinking about the next one. She didn’t seem to notice I took extra time to do what she asked, let alone make an issue of it.
Back when I held on to my insecurities tighter than a squirrel holds his nuts. I’d get so wound up inside, terrified that my snail-paced processing was the cause of many a bloody finger nale. Including the person in front of me.
My teachers and parents always seemed to be breathing down my neck. They’d call on me, expecting instant answers like a Jeopardy contestant or a perp under the hot lamp of an interrogation room. At least that’s how it felt.
Now, having people in my life who let me drop the mask is like finding a secret hideout. It’s a safe place only we know about. But without the insects and the slight hint of urine.
A place I can be even more myself, bit by bit. The more comfortable I get, the more I can drop the act around others too.
There always seems to be another morsel of conditioning, baggage or random scab needing attention before I’m able to experience the next bit of what I’m capable of.
So, if you let your mask slip a little, what would you let the world see?
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