The Power of Connection: Transforming Conversations

one person with a sword another trying to give a hug.
Have you ever felt small, invalidated, or ashamed after talking to someone who insists on telling you how you “should” feel or what you “should” do? 

You deserve better. You deserve to feel seen, heard, and encouraged.
As the ‘shoulder’, the person you’re talking ‘to’ isn’t your competition. Being right, one up, or convincing the other person to think like you isn’t the win you think it is. 

Conversation is about connection and collaboration; it’s a ‘with,’ not a ‘to.’
It’s hard to open up to someone ready and willing to tell you how you ‘should’ feel and what you ‘should’ do. Is this true for you? If this is your go-to person, feeling small, invalidated, and ashamed isn’t how you deserve to leave those conversations. 

You’re worthy of feeling seen, heard, believed-in, and encouraged.
Instead of swords, use open arms. Approach each conversation with a willingness to embrace different perspectives and a genuine curiosity to understand the other person’s point of view.
You aren’t oil approaching water, doing everything to make sure none of it gets on you. You’re sharing time, energy, space, and experiences from a perspective you can relate to, learn from, or support them through.
There are more people like this in the world than you realize. Finding one can lead you to others, and soon your entire community is safe and supportive.
Becoming the person who builds bridges and has a heart for connection can change lives, if for no other reason than that you’re a safe place in an ever-confusing world.
This is coming from someone who used to be hot-headed, defensive, blaming, and pessimistic towards life. But look at me now, a bridge builder—I can show you how.
For years, my communities have been helping people like you to believe in themselves, in their own voice and in their ability to make the life they want for themselves.
All through the power of community. Reach out so I can answer any questions you have about this post or one of my communities. Thanks for being you.
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