The Urgency Trap: Why You Start and Stop So Many Projects

A man surrounded by unfinished projects.
One reason we with ADHD may start and stop so many new projects is because every new idea feels urgent—now, now, now.
The new idea interrupts whatever project is already in progress until the same thing happens with the new project. A new idea pops up that feels urgent, and you stop to begin yet another project. You have a kitchen full of cake pans that never make it into the oven, so to speak.
I’m sending you a hug right now because I know the feelings of frustration, confusion, and failure that can come along with it.
One way I’ve found out of this habit is to challenge the all-or-nothing way your brain perceives ideas. If, instead of urgent, your feeling about ideas is, “it can wait” or “that’s interesting, but I’m doing this right now.”
I have more books than I’ll ever read but I’m coming to a point of being okay not learning everything I want to or completing everything I want (the second is more difficult to accept). Without that acceptance I’d burn myself out chasing shiny ideas and acting on little to completion.
There are many ways to manage this, of course. If this is a difficulty for you, please reach out because you are not alone. You belong to a community of people just like you who will accept you.
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