Unlock What AuDHD Means for You and Watch Yourself Thrive

Knowing you have AuDHD (ADHD + autism) and little more is like having a map of the world and guessing as to the address of the library with all the information you need to effectively navigate this world.
Understanding how AuDHD uniquely manifest in you is crucial for developing personalized strategies, setting realistic goals, advocating for yourself, and embracing self-compassion. It’s the key to unlocking your full potential and navigating life with confidence and ease.
Now, you could spend your life wandering around, hoping you eventually stumble upon the library, or you can learn how to find the specific address and save yourself years of time and frustration. It can mean the difference between feeling lost and having purpose.
It’s not about fitting into a diagnosis though; no one does that perfectly. You’re more than a stereotype. It’s about recognizing the individual puzzle pieces that make up who you are. This self-awareness can open your eyes to the people and strategies best suited for helping you create a life that makes you happy, as opposed to living according to someone else’s shoulds.


How many breaths at a time can you take – one? And how many heartbeats – one? It makes sense then that one step at a time is the most natural way to go about making progress. It makes life more doable and enjoyable.
Understanding this helps set realistic goals and boundaries. Like knowing you have a threshold in social situations and may need to bow out early. Giving yourself permission to retreat and recharge without guilt is important. But beware the trap of comparison because it sucks the joy from any feeling of accomplishment you have every right to savor.
When we know how our mind and body (e.g., nervous system) work, we can adjust our environments, routines, and expectations to better suit our needs. For example, someone with ADHD might struggle with time management and focus, while someone with autism might find socializing and sensory processing challenging.
When these two conditions combine, it creates a unique set of experiences, hurdles, and opportunities—let’s not forget those. By pinpointing how each aspect of AuDHD affects us personally, we can fine-tune the recipe until we find that sweet spot, making life more adventure than prison escape.

Let Yourself Be Heard

Another crucial aspect is self-advocacy. When we understand our specific needs and challenges, we can more effectively communicate the what, the why, and the how for supporting us. This goes a long way in you playing an active role in your own inclusion.
It’s understandable that living with AuDHD can lead to feelings of frustration and inadequacy. But when we understand that certain behaviors or challenges are part of what makes us human, we can approach ourselves with kindness rather than criticism. It shifts the story we tell ourselves from “Why can’t I just do this?” to “What support do I need to make this doable?”
Lastly, knowing what’s in your unique AuDHD toolbox can empower you to leverage your strengths, both to earn an income and to contribute to the lives of others. I bet there are problems that feel easy for you to solve and you may take that skill for granted. Hyperfocus, creativity, problem-solving, and attention to detail are just a few examples of skills that can be strong with AuDHD. Recognizing these can boost your confidence and help you find ways to thrive.

Next Steps

Self-awareness is practically a superpower of mine; introspection is something I’ve always been inclined to do. So, I utilize those skills to show my clients how to look within without judgment and with compassion. How important to you is learning this skill? Image how much more at home you’d feel in your own body.
Perhaps you can take a moment today to reflect on how AuDHD shows up in your life. What are your unique challenges and strengths? Write them down, share them with someone you trust, and start building a personalized plan that works for you. Let me know if you want help with this. Your journey to self-awareness and empowerment begins now!
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