Embracing Self-Worth: The Key to Confident Connections

You’re worth more than you know.
Believing you are worth someone else’s time is the biggest key on the ring of tools for confidently speaking up for yourself. To be seen, included and to get the help you need.
I talk a lot about how to connect with others, but it’s really the relationship with yourself to invest in first.
The more comfortable you learn to be in your own skin, the better able you are to respond resiliently when things go differently than planned or a mistake happens.
This is because self-acceptance is rooted in self-compassion, especially regarding the imperfections that are a part of what it means to be human.
Yes, this is work and it gifts you with a lens on life made of gratitude and awe.
The space you learn to hold for yourself as you heal the hurts long overdue for repair is naturally extended to others because it’s within you to give.
When you value yourself, you learn to appreciate others for their imperfect humanity, and it shows. People are more likely to respond positively to you.
It’s a real privilege to guide others in doing this for themselves. I have 2 openings for my one-to-one mentoring.
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