How do you practice being patient with yourself?

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How do you practice being patient with yourself?
We live in a world that moves fast and demands quick results, pushing us to be hard on ourselves when we don’t meet expectations. This rush often makes us impatient, especially with our own progress.
It needs to be right the first time—oh, it also needs to be perfect; let’s not forget that. So we end up pushing too hard, expecting too much too soon, and when we don’t deliver, we beat ourselves up over it. Sound familiar?”
This constant pressure on yourself isn’t just tough on our mental health; it costs us peace of mind and joy in our daily lives. Being impatient with ourselves leads to stress and burnout, and it can suck the fun out of learning and growing. Instead of enjoying the journey of personal development, we fixate only on the destination, and miss out on the small wins along the way.
Let’s try to slow down a bit and cut ourselves some slack. Embracing a bit more patience can make a huge difference—it gives us the breathing room to experiment, to learn, and to grow without the fear of immediate failure hanging over our heads.
However, embracing patience with ourselves is not just beneficial—it’s essential for sustainable growth and mental well-being.
Patience allows us to approach our imperfections and challenges with kindness and understanding, rather than frustration and urgency. To help foster this compassionate approach, I’ve compiled a series of practical strategies that can assist anyone in cultivating more patience and self-respect in their daily lives.
I shared it with my EMPOWER community this morning since we discussed how to be patient with ourselves on our weekly call.
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