How to change someone’s day with a SMILE!


We’re used to the awkward moments when our eyes unexpectedly meet those of a stranger. At the moment of recognition, a sheepish grin is followed by a shifting away of the gaze.

However, when you so choose to burst the bubble of loneliness enveloping the lives of so many, there’s a way I’ve found to further this objective.

You can begin by looking upon the face of a stranger, look at their forehead, nose, mouth. Think to yourself, “I see you.”

Do this with a few people, then look away for a while before beginning again. When someone gazes back, it’s then you smile, as if you’ve been waiting for them to arrive. Think to yourself, ‘I see you,’ as though you hope they know what you’re thinking.

As someone with AuDHD (Autism x ADHD), I grew up feeling invisible. The more I learned to connect, the more compassion I felt for people with similar experiences. I reached a point where I felt confident enough to act in a proactive fashion to help elevate the days of others, if only in a small way.

What I lack in non-verbal language skill, I make up for with a genuine sense of compassion and connection. This simple act can bridge the gap between strangers and create a moment of shared humanity. It’s a small but powerful gesture that says, ‘You are not alone in this world.'”

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