On being the sweetest fruit without it costing you your roots

# On being the sweetest fruit without it costing you your roots

You spend too much time trying to be the sweetest fruit everyone’s looking for, while believing that watering your own roots is a selfish thing to do. Yet, just like a tree, you cannot bear fruit without first nurturing your own growth and health.

Putting the needs of others first, at the expense of your own, is self-exploitation. It often leads to burnout and resentment, leaving you too exhausted to take care of anyone well.

Learning to take care of yourself for others is another approach to consider. When your needs are met, and you feel fulfilled, you’re practically a fountain of kindness and generosity.

This doesn’t mean you become an extrovert or something. It means you experience an abundance of what you need to care for others in the way you want to care for them, while respecting their boundaries, of course.

It’s more than putting your oxygen mask on first. It’s about ensuring that you’re not just surviving, but flourishing. By nurturing your own well-being, you lay a foundation of self-compassion, patience, and being present.

It naturally spills into the other relationships in your life, as the kindness you extend to yourself is extended to others.

What do you suppose needs to be done now that you understand this a bit more clearly? Perhaps it starts with redefining what it truly means to give of yourself, recognizing it’s a natural consequence of giving to yourself first.

I’m exceptional at helping folks like yourself who seek guidance in unlearning the people-pleasing program that has put you in this pickle to begin with. So, hit me up, and we’ll set you up with resources that can help you work on finding what fills you up to point of YES for a change.

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