Peeling Back the Layers: The Deeper Journey Beyond “Alarms Don’t Work for Me”


What if I told you that you might be stopping too soon? I mean, the issue seems clear as day when you observe what’s happening on the surface.

*“When my alarms go off, I just mute them and go back to what I’m doing. Therefore, alarms don’t work for me.”*

On a mastermind call I attended today with the brilliant Alex Coward, there was a chorus of sentiment echoing, *“I ignore my alarms.”*

Imagine each action step were a slice of bread, and resistance was a layer of lint or something tasting so yucky the idea of biting through it was a nonstarter. But what if you removed the lint entirely instead?

We didn’t get terribly far because each step revealed layers of lint before the step could even be taken, and after a step was taken, there were layers of lint before the next step.

What seemed like a superficial issue, “Alarms don’t work for me,” went deeper. We realized that there were layers of resistance (lint) impeding her progress at each step. This lint manifested as stories, limiting beliefs, emotions, and so on.

As we brought each one into the light, we could see it for what it was. When the lint no longer had a hold, it would blow away, evaporate into irrelevance, and suddenly, the path to the next step became clear.

It’s like knocking down a wall to reveal a path ahead that you didn’t know was there.

I’m giving an hour talk in Des Dobreva’s BBS tomorrow and plan to make this the focus of the call; minds will be blown and doors will be opened. Of course, if I were your mentor, I’d be teaching you now.

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