The Epiphany That Changed Everything About How I View Relationships!

I don’t imagine you ever felt like you needed to do it all alone, be independent, right? (Wink, wink.) I used to swim in that thinking, and it made me miserable. But then, something clicked a few decades ago, and I captured it in the following principle: “My strengths are the reason you need me, and my challenges are the reason I need you.”

It’s about more than the give-and-take, the reciprocity we’re socialized to expect in relationships. It’s about the coming together of two complementary skill sets, or personality traits to create a synergy, one resulting in an outcome neither could’ve achieved alone. You get me?

Helping and being helped, cooperating, brainstorming together – these are examples of co-creation. This happens because we happen. A hammer needs both the head and the handle to do its best work.

Your strengths, especially the ones you love using, whether you get paid for them or not (that’s your purpose, by the way, but that’s another discussion), are your superpowers in any team or relationship. And those challenges you often beat yourself up about? Those are opportunities to practice being humble and provide opportunities for others to use their superpowers.

The Synergistic Interdependence Principle

The principle that “My strengths are the reason you need me, and my challenges are the reason I need you,” isn’t some high-flown theory; it’s the real deal. In workplaces, schools, friendships, and love – everywhere, we see the beauty of this rule in action.

From the colleague who’s a visionary but detail-challenged (that would be me), teaming up with a detail-loving planner (my wife), to the social butterfly friend pairing with an organized introvert. It’s about finding balance, support, and creating something bigger together.

EMPOWER: A Testament to Collaboration

In my EMPOWER group, I’ve seen incredible women embrace this principle. They drop the expectation of being perfect, support each other, brainstorm solutions, and celebrate their beautiful, imperfect selves. They’re non-judgmental, compassionate, and patient with each other, it’s beautiful to watch and be a part of.

Let’s Connect & Grow Together!

If this is a principle you struggle to embrace, please message me. There are many ways I can help you become more at ease with the idea of working with others in a collaboration.

If you’ve already got this, please share a story with me/us about how you live this principle in your own life.

Synergistic Interdependence

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