How do I remain consistent?

an organized desk

How do I remain consistent?

That’s a question I received from a member of my team today so I jotted down some notes.

  • I use an app called Tiimo that keeps my schedule organized and me on track, in part by telling me how long an activity will take and how much time is left (time-blindness, anyone?).

  • I use lists and visual workflows to give my working memory a rest, so I have more mental stamina throughout the day.

  • Each “To Do” on my list is broken down into each step I take to complete it. So, for making coffee, it would be:

    • Pour a glass of water into the electric kettle on the countertop.
    • Turn the kettle on to heat the water.
    • Remove coffee grounds from the cabinet.
    • Take one coffee brew bag from the cabinet.
    • Place 2 scoops of coffee in the brew bag and tie it shut.

You get the idea. These days, I make coffee using muscle memory. But let me tell you, having such detailed lists is a real lifesaver on days when brain fog sets in or when I’m too tired to think clearly.

If you get distracted or space out as easily and often as I do, lists that specific make it easier to find your place and pick up where you left off because it’s so specific.

These strategies can help take the weight off of your executive functions to help you move and keep moving.

As for where you get the dopamine to accomplish all this, I love what I do and I do it for my boys. That part I can’t give you.

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