I'm FREE!For decades, I had a backlog of unexpressed, unresolved pain. It was what it was.

Thanks to Brian, and to all of you, and especially maybe to having the discord group, I’ve been free to express that pain.

And then the BRAVE process. The BRAVE Process helps me know what to do with that pain after I’ve expressed it, because expressing it isn’t enough; I have to know what to do with it after I’ve discovered it and expressed it.

People on Facebook commented on how wonderful recent pictures of me were, and how joyful I looked, and that I looked like I had this inner light.

Then I realized that the reason for that joy that people were picking up just in my Facebook pictures was this change. It is a change! I no longer have a backlog of unexpressed pain.

When I have pain, I have something to do with it – I have people to share it with and a way to move forward. And I’ve been doing that; I’ve been practicing that and so now I’m free.

And I’m living in my present moments, kind of one at a time as they come through.
I knew those words 30 years ago, “present moment.” I knew that, but I had no idea. I mean, my present moment was a nightmare – I mean, they were all nightmares. And now I’m free. And I’m happy.

I just wanted to say thank you.

(A member of my EMPOWER Community took some time to share this on today’s call. Click Here to learn more.)

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