Learning to simply “Have a Day”

Hello, my friend. I wanted to share a profound piece of wisdom I learned a few decades ago.
I met a Buddhist Nun who introduced me to the expression, ‘Have a day.’ Not ‘Have a good day’, “Have a nice day” or ‘Have a bad day,’ just… ‘Have a day.'”
It’s a beautiful reminder that every day is filled with opportunities. It’s not about labeling our experiences as good or bad, but about embracing whatever the day offers.
In every challenge, in every joy, and in every unintended outcome there’s a lesson, a memory, a chance to grow.
So, today and every day, I encourage you all: Don’t just aim to have a ‘good’ day or dread a ‘bad’ one. Simply… Have a day. Embrace it, learn from it, and cherish it.
Thanks for being you.
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