Quality Over Quantity: Managing ADHD Tasks

My ADHD got me spinning into overdrive – so I forced myself to stop and get more intentional about what goes on my schedule.
ADHD can really get me in trouble sometimes! I tend to get super excited about new ideas and projects, and before I know it, I’m completely overwhelmed trying to get a million things done at once. I’d finish the day anxious, exhausted and feeling like I didn’t do enough (too much all-or-nothing thinking).
The only problem is that most of these things I’ve been doing don’t really move me forward or align with my bigger goals – they just seem fun or fulfilling in the moment.
I still slip back into the default setting of ADHD from time to time. Sure, I’ve learned and developed strategies over the years for preventing ADHD from getting in the way as much as it could, but the ADHD hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s always gonna be there and when it steps into the fray, I need to manage it accordingly.
So today I took a step back to sort out what is really urgent and what’s important. I took the time to organize my schedule and mark the tasks that absolutely need to get done. And wow, what a difference that made! Today has gone much more smoothly without me feeling like I was being crushed under the weight of a million random tasks.
Another part of the issue that I recently voiced frustration with to my wife is this: I work slowly because of my processing issues, and when I get caught in the comparison game with colleagues I really respect, I tell myself I need to be doing more.
I only got a few important things done today, but it was more quality than quantity. I wasn’t bogged down and was focused on the goals that really mattered. This was such a huge relief! My brain needs this kind of written structure and prioritization.
I’ve gotta remember to keep checking in with myself to make sure I’m not overexerting myself and biting off more than I can chew. Working slowly and steady on the right things wins the race!
Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to juggle too many tasks and ideas? Message me and share your tips.
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