What do you do when life feels heavy?

A woman with arms outstretched facing the sun. What do you do when life feels heavy?

Life gets so busy sometimes and we don’t realize certain things are weighing us down mentally/emotionally. When’s the last time you made space to look at what’s lifting you up…and what’s draining you out?

It’ll be an emotional experience, but spend some time reflecting on which relationships, commitments, even habits might not be the healthiest for you right now. And know it doesn’t make you or them bad people!

But maybe some friendships have reached a point where tying things off is the best option, or a volunteer gig is more stressful than meaningful.

Give yourself permission to let go of whatever’s not filling you up. Limit the time wasters and make more space for self-care and joy. This isn’t about being selfish – it’s about being real and protecting your energy.

Change requires grieving, letting go, trust, and embracing the unfamiliar. Those tough conversations or hurt feelings are human! Bottom line, staying true to your needs will help you and others in the long run. We’ve got this!

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