Start a ripple effect with every act of kindness

Want to feel like a million bucks and spread a ripple affect of happiness at the same time?

All you have to do is be kind. Research shows that every act of kindness increase specific brain chemicals: oxytocin (connection chemical), serotonin (happy chemical) and dopamine (the chemical that makes sure you repeat behaviors that feel good).

It’s like getting a dose of anti-depressant.

And get this – your kindness can be contagious. Those brain chemical I just mentioned, also gets boosted in the person you’re being kind to. So your kindness is a like a shot of anti-depressant for them too.

Guess what, when other people see or hear about your act of kindness, they feel a boost in the SAME chemicals.

Each of them may feel compelled to pay it forward. One random act of kindness leads to another. Pretty soon everyone’s passing it on and feeling good.

Helping out also brings us closer together, increases trust, respect and connection (oxytocin). When you show someone you care, they’re more likely to have your back too. So spread the love and uplift your community.

Plus, studies show givers are less stressed and live longer. So by performing that kind act for someone, you’re actually being good to yourself too. It’s a win-win, my friend.

Next time you take 30 seconds to say, “thank you” to the barista, a colleague, or help your neighbor carry their groceries, remember you’re not only making their day.

You’re also feeling more joyful, living values like kindness and contribution, and bringing more kindness into the world. And we could all use a little more of that can’t we?

So hold the door, smile at a stranger, call your grandma. Your heart will thank you. And together, through tiny acts of caring, we can build a culture of compassion.

Brian has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is the father of three boys with Autism and ADHD. After receiving the same diagnoses himself, he went on to write 5 books and become a recognized specialist in the field. With a unique approach to helping parents and educators connect with their children who live with these unique challenges, Brian’s captivating, interactive presentations and programs continue to change lives around the world. His message of self-compassion, resilience and the importance of working together is one we all need to hear. You can see all the exciting things Ask Brian a question now by Clicking Here.

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