Got overloaded at a 75th birthday party

Got overloaded at the 75th birthday party we went to for my wife’s aunt.
It was at a pizza place in a small area of the restaurant, and on the second floor. Her family is large and very enthusiastic when they get together.
There was also the part when I had to walk up two flights of stairs because this place is a slap in the face to people in wheelchairs.
My wife had to carry my wheelchair up the stairs, and my brother in law was kind enough to help me back to the car when it was time to leave.
We know it’s time to leave when I start nodding off at the table because I’m starting to shut down. My wife checks in with me often during these events to make sure I’m okay. I’ll often stick it out longer than is wise to do so.
When I’m around good people energy I want to soak it up. Alas, there’s the fact you can have too much of a good thing.
Bottom line, the party was fun, our aunt was joyous over how many people came to celebrate her, and my wife and I got to see people we love that we hadn’t seen in years.
There were so many comforting hugs – I didn’t realize how badly I needed.
Like many of life’s experiences, this one was bittersweet. For obvious reasons.
It was a pleasure getting to spend time with such great people at the event. However, the facilities left a bit to be desired, and I found it challenging to fully relax and enjoy myself.
Nonetheless, the positive energy of the folks there made it all worth it, and I’m grateful for the time spent with them.
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