It’s “A Long Story”

All day long a brain with ADHD makes random associations between things. This results in all the tangents we go off in.
They usually happen too quickly and too often to appreciate them all. But while eating breakfast a bit ago, I managed to capture one.
I’ve been going through a lot health wise lately. When people ask me how I’m doing, I’ve been replying, “It’s a long story”.
The abbreviation for “A Long Story” is ALS.
ALS is also an abbreviation for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
As I’ve been researching the symptoms causing me the most difficulty, ALS has repeatedly popped up as a possible cause. I DO NOT have ALS (Phew!)
But clearly that letter pattern has been running through my mind, and therefore spotted it again in the phrase, “A Long Story.”
With that, my thoughts played with the association between the two by imagining the scenario where someone would ask me how I’m doing.
I’d reply, “It’s ALS. Which is both true, and false. Hmmm, best not to answer that way to avoid confusion.”
This process took maybe 20 seconds in my head. This connection making happens every time I hear, see or read something. The shiniest objects I contend with all day are my own thoughts.
They can be great source material for humor, insights and solutions. They can also overwhelm you when you don’t yet have the skill to focus on what matters most to you, more often than not.
It’s taken me time to learn how to let my thoughts flow without feeling the need to chase them all. Just look at how much I get done. I’m happy to teach you how.
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