It isn’t that you’re lazy it may be resistance to frustration

It isn't that you're lazy it may be resistance to frustration

What many call lazy, may be resistance to feeling frustration.
Because of executive function blips, Neurodivergent folks can experience frustration as part of the process for getting things done.
We may experience continuous disruption from working memory, distraction, not knowing where to start, and so on.
It’s like driving fast down a road full of potholes.
The feeling of success is more like, “Oh thank God,” than, “Yaaay, we did it.”
Procrastination can be sourced by this resistance. You avoid trying to implement things because so much of the process can feel so frustrating.
Depending on how you’re feeling physically or emotionally that day. You may not have the resilience you need to manage difficult emotions.
I’ve developed a toolbox of strategies to help me persevere through even the toughest emotions and circumstances. Skills to manage the frustration, AND get more done.
Watching them become increasingly confident and unstoppable is a joy to behold.
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