How I maximize gratitude…

I was asked again this morning (paraphrasing), “How can you be so positive and upbeat with the challenges you face each day?”
One way is by maximizing gratitude.
If something pleasant happens, I say, “Thank you.”
If I encounter difficulty (e.g. I knock something over, I bump into something), I say, “Thank you”, because it gives me an opportunity to practice patience, and self-compassion.
When I feel physically comfortable, I say, “Thank you”, because I’ll have more energy to create, helps clients, and be with family.
When I’m in too much pain to work, “I say thank you”, because I have people to help me, and a business that can withstand my absence.
I say, “Thank you before I go to sleep”, and “Thank you when I wake up”.
The lesson here is that everything is a lesson.
They show you what is working, and where work is needed.
Either way, there’s so much too be grateful for in this life.
You’ll find endless opportunities among the things you take for granted.
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