You don’t have to overcome to move forward

May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and text that says ''I haven’t overcome didly squat.
I may give the appearance (at times), of being unstopped by my disabilities. That’s more a testament to my resourcefulness, and tenacity than anything. 
What I’ve done is carefully chosen to have an empowering relationship with them.  I refer to my diagnoses as my “teachers“. I’m in a perpetual boot camp of character building.
There’s more to this way of thinking, of course (it’s something I teach in my Inner Circle). Self-compassion, being present, better able to manage my emotions, and maintain calm.
This because I’m not at war in my thoughts about the reality of my circumstances (except on occasion).
I’ve learned to co-exist with adversity, and use it as a vehicle for increasing self-discipline.
When life gives you tons of manure, you thank it for the fertilizer, and return to tending your garden.
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