Why do some people have such a hard time saying, “Thank you”?

Something I shared with my members this morning I think would be helpful for you to know as well.
Some folks who seem ungrateful may be dealing with something deeper, than what appears as entitlement or ingratitude.
Many of us, especially those with Neurodivergence (e.g. ADHD, Autism etc.,), learn early on that the people we’re supposed to please, want us to do things without help.
“Did you try it yourself first, okay, try it again, don’t give up.”
Hear these messages often enough, and you conclude asking for help is giving up. It’s failure.
So if someone says, “Thank you,” or expresses gratitude in some way. The emotion they experience is defeat, NOT gratitude.
Saying, “Thank you”, in their mind, is openly admitting you helped them. Therefore, they’re admitting failure.
Can you imagine living with this belief, how isolating, and disempowering this is. Believing success from your efforts alone, are the only wins that count?
That’s a real cancer of the Western mindset. One that disables people with bad ideas, as much as any other disability could.
This is a belief that needs to be worked on, head on, if you expect to be free to reach your potential in this life.
The truth is, none of us travels alone in this life. We’re all in this together.
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