One of my members called me out during today’s call, and it was glorious

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One of my members called me out during today’s call, and it was glorious.
I have a tendency to monologue and interrupt (ADHD). I’ve made improvements over the years, yet it still happens.
Well, a member spoke up, and explained how big an issue it can be during the calls.
I thanked her sincerely, why?
Because my ultimate goals socially is to be an effective communicator. I’m not looking to be right, the smartest one, most liked, and so on.
I want to connect with, and understand the person I’m with, what their needs are and what my role is (if any) in meeting them.
This member effectively let me know I wasn’t being effective, and what would help me meet her, and other members needs better.
I’m absolutely using this feedback to improve my ability to show up the way I want to for other people.
I didn’t hear anything she said as mean, rude or whatever, because it wasn’t any of those things.
It was empowered, self-advocacy which we celebrate, and practice as part membership in our community.
I suspect she knew I’d hear it well, because that’s what I model, and advocate in our community. She also had enough self-respect to speak up for herself. A work in progress for each of us.
Her actionable feedback will help me meet my needs, and hers, much better.
WIN-WIN! I love that my members help me keep growing as well.
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