Carrying your circumstances with gratitude…

I had a moment with a stranger this morning. She called to review some things before an outpatient procedure this Friday.
She read my list of diagnoses, and surgeries, during which I was able to lay some tile, and do the necessary calculations to prove string theory.
After she finished reading, I said facetiously, “Aren’t I lucky?”
She went on to describe the various ways she’s seen people carry life’s circumstances. The, “its what you do with what you’re given” principle, as modeled by her patients.
She described a woman in treatment for the third recurrence of cancer. A woman who is also a ray of sunshine.
Then there’s the person with mild arthritis who is miserable constantly.
I learned a few things having my own experience with cancer some 34 years ago. Add the chronic pain, and fatigue I experience now.
The most consequential thing I learned is how immersion in the present moment, can open you up to more gratitude, and wonder than you realize is there.
You don’t notice because your mind is preoccupied with the past, and future.
I recommend expressing gratitude throughout your day, for the moments enriching your life. As many as you notice.
Think, “Thank you,” and feel the gratitude for the thought that cheers you up.
The piece of advice you remembered or the person who smiled, inspiring a smile in you.
The experience you’re having now is the most real. It’s the stove you’re touching that burns you, the breath you’re taking now that sustains you.
Spending your day saying, “Thank you,” hundreds of times. It’s been a transformational practice for my mindset, and emotional balance.
In time you won’t need to say, “Thank you,” to yourself. You’ll just notice a chronic feeling of gratitude.
I highly recommend it.
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