You’re more connected than you realize…

One way I know I’m on the right track with a concept, is when I find a similar process in nature that works that way also.
We have expressions like, “Every night has it’s dawn”, or “Just keep swimming”. Examples of how nature already does, what you set out to do.
If it follows a natural process, it lessens the feeling of risk for me, because I see evidence it can work. Once I find a narrative that makes it work for me, I can plan for action.
Case in point, there’s a beautiful human experience called co-regulation. It refers to how our emotional states, and behavior are affected by each other.
We can help each other calm, cheer each other up, and suddenly find ourselves in sync. That’s co-regulation.
How deep does this process go?
On a subatomic level there’s a process called quantum-entanglement. This refers to a situation where two particles appear to be influencing each others behavior. To the point where if one particle changes its spin, the particle it’s entangled with will change its spin also.
Sometimes they just influence each other, other times they sync up. Sounds a lot like co-regulation to me.
Which stands to reason, when we help someone calm, help them find hope or discover their confidence. Aren’t we affecting them (potentially) on a quantum level as well?
When we say, “Its all connected”, we aren’t just talking philosophically. Everything is actually connected, following the same rules, and processes.
Nicola Tesla, perhaps one of the top geniuses to ever live, said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
Emotional “energy”, the “vibes” you get from someone.
We’re talking about how we show up for each other.
There are folks that make you cringe, become anxious or downright angry when in their space. You affect each other’s energy (for better or worse).
I shared this analogy with a client a bit ago, explaining the importance of surrounding yourself with people who help you regulate your nervous system.
Avoiding people who manufacture drama to keep their lives interesting. You need more road, and less rollercoaster.
Think about the energy around you, if it doesn’t help you regulate most of the time, we need to make some tweaks. Are you in?
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