Someone decided being creative, and being artistic were synonymous. PROBLEM!!!

Do you consider yourself creative?
Before you answer, it’s important to note someone, somewhere decided being creative, and being artistic were synonymous.
This perception of creativity is far too narrow, and denies the creative spirit guiding your every action.
Creativity is a process every cell in your body, and every response in your brain is actively involved in, every moment. Including, right now!
Your body creates energy, emotion, thoughts, inspired action, and so on.
When you smile at someone, and that someone smiles back. You’ve both created connection, together.
When they don’t, you’ve created an opportunity to connect with you.
They’ve created a boundary.
You’re both creators of your experience, and the experiences you create with others.
When you declutter a room you create more space.
When you’re safe to be with, you help create space for others to heal.
You with me on this?
If you ask yourself, “Why am I always messing up?”
Your mind will create a list of your weaknesses.
Ask yourself, “What action can I take to move things forward?”
Now you’re creating solution-focused, and action-oriented options.
Creativity is process as much as product. You can enjoy playing in the sand whether you build anything or not.
Your life may be more interpretive dance than DaVinci, yet it’s a sight to behold nonetheless.
Understanding yourself as a creator, reminds you you are active every moment in creating your experience.
If you don’t yet recognize this, it’s possible you are in survival mode. You feel it isn’t safe to pause, let down your guard long enough, to experience the emotional space you’re in.
What do you choose to create?
Where do you feel you have no choice? Is it out of your control, or have you been conditioned to believe it is?
Either way, you have a storehouse of creativity you’ve barely discovered. Because a misunderstanding of what it means to be creative, has put a film over your eyes.
Preventing you from experiencing the magnitude of your creative power, every time you take action in a deliberate way.
Your journey may not lead you to create an artistic masterpiece, write the song that inspires generations, or design the next device that forever changes our way of life.
But you can create a way of being in this world, that helps put others at ease. Helps them learn to believe in themselves, and that it’s okay to take risks to make life a little better for all of us.
Be you, THAT makes a difference.
That’s the work I’m helping every client of mine through, step-by-step, so they can live life as fully as possible.
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