What slows you doesn’t have to stop you…

One thing I hide behind my chipper demeanor,
is how much physical pain I actually experience day to day.

Yes, I’ve tried that!
Yep, that too!

I don’t talk about it every moment because there’s nothing to be accomplished by doing so.

I’m writing this from bed because the pain wipes me out.
That, and the cortisone shot for my back is wearing off.
That’ll open the floodgates to major burning, and stabbing pain from my low back down to my feet.

I share this with you because it’s a fact of my experience.
It isn’t a failure, curse or punishment. It’s simply a fact.
I also live with purpose, and have goals to accomplish.

Why should feeling sick stop me?
Sure, it slows me down.
But I’m relentless like water dripping on a stone.
I still manage to leave my mark.

Our aspirational culture bombards us with celebrities, influencers, heroes, and villains.
It has to influence, trend, be EPIC or Iconic!

It doesn’t have to make the news, go viral or win an award to make an impact.

Persistence, a little at a time, over time, can make a big difference. Patient determination.

Somedays I can only stick my toes over the sideline, and onto the field. But I’m still in the arena.

There have been days where I did no, “work”.
But I still practiced self-compassion, and being present while waiting for the worst of it to pass.

Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes I do cry.
It’s a part of moving through the experience until it calms down.

I choose my attitude, my priorities, and which thoughts I choose to believe. Attach those to my aptitudes for resilience, and resourcefulness.

Now my everyday experiences are filtered through a solution-focused way of approaching life, that makes me virtually unstoppable. Fortunately for you, this is all teachable.

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